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  1. I received feedback from tech support today asking me to wait for tech release of new version of kaspersky in 2-3 weeks time and than retest. I have been experimenting a bit on my tower rig with quite a dated cpu q6600 and managed to overclock a bit to 3.20ghz and I’m reaching max download speeds for my connection now.. I suggest to check cpu age/load through task manager while doing Speedtest as on my case that was the culprit
  2. Thanks for your reply. I tried your sugestion but I have no such option on my variant of total security. I’m still waiting to hear from tech support in Moscow, surely they’re taking their time in replying
  3. All these views and not a single reply, can’t believe it’s only me experiencing this?
  4. Has anyone used Kaspersky on equipment with over 350 mbps fast internet connection and have they experienced any internet download slowdown with kav,kis or kts installed and enabled ??
  5. Good morning all, Been using Kaspersky for a few years and not very keen to change security suite. Upgraded my internet speed to around 389 Mbps wired to my PC (virgin uk) and kaspersky is reducing speed to around 270 mbps download, upload not affected. I read a bit and it seems this is done on purpose due to the internet being filtered beforehand, but unfortunately this doesn't happen only with speedtest.net, but also with http downloads of ISO's using download managers or without, and fast torrents. I gain instant full speed if i exit kaspersky or uninstall it. raised a ticket with tech support here in UK and they referred it to Moscow and waiting to hear from them now. on the mean time - has anyone heard of this before and if yes and tips or tricks to fix this ? ps: i tried bitdefender suite latest, and internet is not slowed down at all, but i dont really like its interface and in general, it gives me a fake security feeling.
  6. Hi there, I remember with KIS 2010 i had the option to choose/select which protection modules to install prior to installation. I can see now with KIS 2012 this option is no longer available.. i do like kis 2012 and really wondering if there are/is any ways to just install web and file scanning modules only, with all the rest disabled prior to installation like with kis 2010 ?? regards, kannanni
  7. I had kis 2010 installed, complete un-installed it from add remove programs, rebooted and installed kis 2012.. ps: i clean installed 2012 on a different fresh xp sp3 pc, and i am facing the same issue, it looks to me more like a bug ???
  8. well, enable news notification was already checked.i never unchecked any settings from default install anyway i still cannot see the automatic popup on system startup or reboot.weird..
  9. thanks for your quick reply, windows firewall is now disabled. i have now another question not related to the firewall.. : i have noticed that on system boot-up i dont see the pop-up notification (system protection enabled) anymore.. i use to see it on kis 2010 and kis 2011, is it just me or is it smth wrong with 2012 version of kis ?
  10. Hi All, Just installed KIS 2012 on my windows 7 desktop. Windows 7 firewall was always default ON. After installing KIS 2012 i saw in services that windows firewall is still ON and automatic. Do i need to disable windows firewall, or should i leave it as it is ? cheers
  11. just to add my 2 cents. i had egzactly the same problem, and after un-installing kis i managed to finally update my ipod/iphone.
  12. Kis 2009 ( is reducing to half my 50 meg fibre optic internet connection. I'm using latest Kis 2009 ( updated and paid for 1 year. Basically.. tried on 2 different computers, vista x64 sp2 and xp pro x32 sp3, i'm not sure how Kaspersky filters the internet, but speeds on torrents, news servers and general http or ftp downloads are reduced up to 50%, also all speed testers showing the same thing. everything goes back to normal and i can hit the full 50 meg speed once i uninstall Kis and reboot. This happens on both computers,Kis is installed with default values and settings and nothing has been changed.both windows are running as administrators with no other security software installed at all, windows defender is totally disabled on the vista machine. i do like Kaspersky's scanning and detection and would like to know if there is anything i can do to repair this issue. ps: i have never had this issue when i had 20 meg, it only started when speed got increased to 50 meg. Thanks, Kannanni edit: all bold = Off.
  13. well, kis still detects and deletes the file as trojan with latest updates. @17:01 London UK Time.
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