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  1. I think it was something related to cookies or some kind of file that got downloaded automatically by your browser when you visited a website. Maybe we've been visiting the same website? That's why it went away after we cleared our browser data. It's not just related to Chrome because it also happened to me with Edge. UPDATE: According to the image that you uploaded before, your issue is different than mine. But I guess they were all related to files being downloaded by your browser without your knowledge. Anyway glad we've found a solution!
  2. The Shield richbuff Thankfully my problem has been fully solved. It's been almost 3 days and I haven't seen that notification since What I did now was clear all my browser data for Chrome & Edge (everything, even my logins) and cleared my temp folder, restarted my PC, scanned my PC. Thank you everyone that tried to help me. Hopefully I don't get that problem ever again. I just wish if I there was a way to know which website I visited that planted this adware in my computer...
  3. richbuff I finished my GSI report, but since it contains some private information i'll send it to you via PM.
  4. Im doing my GSI report right now, but looks like it's going to take a couple of hours to finish scanning or whatever it's doing.
  5. It's back again The first thing I did was clearing my Temp folder and restart my PC after that. Things seemed to look good for me. A day later, it started happening again, so I took the following steps: - I followed everything mentioned in this article: https://support.kaspersky.com/us/10319 - I cleared my Temp folder again. - I disabled all unneeded programs that start up with my PC. - I double checked my extensions for Edge, Chrome and Firefox to see whether there was any suspicious thing going on without my knowledge, but everything looks ok because I only have like 3 add-ons such as Ad-Block Plus and Kaspersky's own plugin that I had for years. I also checked my search engines but there was only Google. - I opened up Internet Explorer (even though I never used it after upgrading to Windows 10) and I disabled all the extensions there and remove everything that has the "Remove" option. - I looked for installed applications that were mentioned in Kaspersky's article (Qvo6.com, Delta Toolbar, Conduit, Do-searches) but I didn't find any of those. - I updated my Java and Adobe Flash Player to latest updates. After all of that, I did a full scan and it found adware with the name "lobby.dat" in my roaming folder. I removed that then I let it continue scanning and restarted my PC after it was done. Things seemed to work great after that and I thought I completely got rid of the root problem. Before heading to bed for the night, I let it scan again just to make sure. I woke up thinking everything is fixed and I can move on with my life. I open some of my work websites, and boom there it goes again with the same notification as my OP. The only thing that I haven't done so far is clearing my browsing data. I don't want to risk losing some important stuff such as logins, so I need some help from you guys about which option that's related to my issue and needs to be cleared? I posted 2 screenshot of the clearing settings for Edge & Chrome. I think the only options that needs to be cleared are: Edge: Cached data and files. Chrome: Content settings & Hosted app data. I'll wait for your guidance before I attempt to clear anything.
  6. Problem solved, thanks! I didn't want to clear my browsing data and lose my all history and logins, so I only cleared my Windows temp folder and restarted my PC. So far seems to work ok and no new notifications. Will update if it happens again.
  7. Hi, I've been getting continuous notifications from KIS19 in the last couple of days when visiting some websites (one of them being my own private website for my online invoicing that i've been using for years and nothing has changed in my website since). This is starting to affect my work as it blocks some features on my own website such as the search box, and I can't create a new invoices or search for my customers until I refresh the page a couple of times. I even re-installed KIS19 thinking it could solve the problem, but it didn't. This started happening right after the last Windows 10 v1809 update that I installed about 3 days ago. Any help please? How do I stop this? And is it something dangerous or what's going on here? I attached a screenshot below but I blurred the IP part as it could be my own.
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