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  1. Anyone found a solution for this isseu? i have it right now.
  2. It was the VMwware Tools Version. The Version that comes with ESX 6.0 is not working right. After the Upadate to the Latest Version from VMWare homepage the issue is gone.
  3. Hello, It's from the beginning. i have a new installtion from KSC and also from the NSX / SVM. All the best
  4. Dear All, I’m not sure if I’m right here but I have no more Idea where I can get help. I'm searching for weeks to find a solution. I have a Kaspersky KSV 5.0 Agentless Installation with the VMware Essential Plus license (only File Antimalware Protection) My Issue is when I install the KSV 5.0 Agentless SVM on my VSphere infrastructure and the VMs are configured and running my RDP (Remote Desktop) Logoff from the Protected VMs takes several minutes to proceed. I also have Performing issues in one application. When I disable the protection in the policy, the behavior still exist. Only solution is to uninstall the SVM from my Infrastructure. My Policy is limited to Protect only File system no other function is enabled. Anyone had the same Issue? Or dose one have an tipp / solution for me? All the best!
  5. Hi, Its also not working with the beta Version. But when i understand your post right the HTTPS protection is not supported with 11.0.1 but will come with the next release? All the best
  6. The Lock dosnt change anything! I have problems with HTTPS trafic. When i have HTTP URLs the Protection works fine. Whats the way to Protect HTTPS phishing Links? All the best
  7. attached you will find the Screenshots of the settings.
  8. Hi, I'm using Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (11.0.1) with a Administraton Server KES 10.5.1781. Now i try to improve the Web Threat Protection configuration. When i open a test URL "www.amtso.org/check-desktop-phishing-page/" the Web Threat Protection only work with Microsoft Edge becouse Edge is the only Browser that dosnt do a HTTPS redirection. If i use Chrome or IE the Test Page will open. (the switch to https://****) Is there a way to protect HTPPS URLs? Thanks for your Help! All the best Bernhard
  9. It's that simple! i added "This PC" and now its green. Thank you so much! All the best
  10. Hi, In KSC 10 i get the message "Virus Scan not been performded in a long time" for all my online devices. I have a scan Task evry week and also a test task. my device wont switch to green. Dose anyone have a solution or an idea how to fix that issue? I am searching for days now. Thanks for your help! Here are some screenshots:
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