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  1. No need to worry about these notifications, they will not make you lose performance or protection in your KTS, and remembering that as soon as you install KTS the MS (windows defender * WD) anti-virus will auto-disable so the KTS assumes total control over protection. so no need to do any extra configuration or disable something in WD Nao precisa se preocupar com essas notificações , elas nao farao voce perder desempenho ou proteçao no no seu KTS , e lembrando que assim que você instala o KTS o anti-virus da MS ( windows defender * WD ) se auto-desabilita assim o KTS assume o total controle sobre a proteção . portanto sem necessidades de fazer alguma configuraçao extra ou desabilitar algo no WD
  2. Yes KIS warned me properly, it is an excellent antivirus because it does not let anything pass, thanks for the help friends the problem has been solved!
  3. I came across this error on the anti-spam module, what could it be? I did complete search on the system nothing was found. image attached
  4. KMSpico does not connect to the internet and is blocked, I contacted the ExpressVPN company regarding xvpnd.exe, and they really recognized that their application is not as secure, I installed the smart anti-virus cylance via the doubts, I will apply reverse engineering in the application and unveil what's happening, I'm getting more and more notifications from KIS regarding insecure SSL connection
  5. Friend searching further on the internet, the problem is xvpnd.exe in which it has security holes, would that be possible? below file link according to virustotal https://www.virustotal.com/pt/file/b9c1b23469ae25db446d92d54eb0deb48bfa9480e3c878f53e7f6f88819be96e/analysis/1537766829/
  6. Hi friend, I followed your instructions Kaspersky Settings> Additional> Threats and exclusions> Detection types> enable Detect Other Software. and from the databases update> reboot, then do a scan. -> * Already enabled Cleaning the TEMP folder I checked all my browsers, disabled extensions, and left only the extension of kaspersky enabled I scanned and nothing was found I am aware of the KIS notifications, and if I see the insecure SSL connection again I will post a message Below the link to the GetSystemInfo report https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/80f3c8bec942d2cec84f56356d381e5c
  7. Good afternoon, I have a problem where I do not know what to do anymore, I have Kaspersky Internet Security and for days it detects an SSL connection with invalid certificate for the domain: secure.wlxrs.com I also have a great anti-malware (malwarebytes premium), I always scan and I can not find anything, I know it's a virus because my system crashes, the screen freezes, the hd is 100%, yesterday I witnessed a strange attitude regarding the program '' ExpressVPN '' I have a signature of the same and yesterday the happened was that every time I tried to connect in some country he disconnected me and redirected to the connection with the US. I'm desperate my friends. Details about the fact in KIS 23.09.2018 17.38.28; An SSL connection with invalid certificate has been detected; Certificate issued for secure.wlxrs.com; secure.wlxrs.com; Certificate Error Invalid certificate name. The name is not on the allowed list or has been explicitly deleted .; App Download / Upload Host Hour 9/23/2018 17:38:28 and another very interesting thing, when KIS warns me when it detects this insecure connection it tells me that it is a Microsoft Windows program Was this virus a fileless? ** remembering that the image is with KIS in Portuguese, because I live in Brazil
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