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  1. Hi! Just have the exact same question! Unfortunately didn't see your post and just create new topic about this question. Before changing to KTS as Dear "richbuff" said I want to be sure if KTS has this feature or not? And I really prefer to use KIS if KIS has this feature. Thanks!
  2. Hello Dear @Ladybeetle, Well for now, you can use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P to activate KIS on-screen keyboard as Dear "i n d i o" mentioned here.
  3. Hello! I'm using KIS (d). I'm wondering if I can block some specific IP or URLs in KIS? Because there are some sites that I visit regularly, and with every click it opens an advertising site. Chrome pop-up blocker cannot stop it. So I thought if I blacklist those URLs or IPs maybe I can stop it. Also I'm just curious if KIS has this feature, I've seen some internet security softwares that have this ability to block a certain IP or URL. Just one more thing, I thought maybe I can use parental control, please correct me if I'm wrong but apparently my only option is to block access to all websites and add some exclusions, which obviously doesn't work for me! I want quite the opposite! I want to have access to all sites and IPs and block a few. So, is there any way to do that, using parental control or something else? Thank you very kindly for you help! Regards. ======================================================= So sorry, I just saw another post here which seems to be my question exactly. I apologize to Dear moderators if you want please merge mine with that post. My most sincere apologies.
  4. Hi! Thank you Dear @arleetel, at least now we know they are aware of this issue, hope they fix it some day. Thanks for contacting support and posting their answer here. Very nice of you! Hi! Looks like we are one the same system Dear @JPEKaspersky!!!!!!!! I have exactly the same KIS, Chrome and extension. Well thanks to Dear "arleetel" we know tech support is aware of this issue. I know it's not a big deal at all, we can use "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P", I know that, but the main reason that I started this topic was I thought there is something wrong with my Windows or Chrome or KIS. I just wanted to be sure there is nothing wrong on my side. And it's good to know that "I am not alone"! Thank you Dear "JPEKaspersky"!
  5. Yes, thank you very much for your time it helps a lot. I just wanted to be sure there is nothing wrong with my Chrome or KIS and thank to you I know everything is fine! Thank you so much! Problem solved! And I know it's 1 week too soon but happy new year! Wish you the best!
  6. First of all thank you very much for being so kind! Yes I'm referring to that box with the red arrow. So it's been eliminated. Thanks for clearing that up! And yes I still see that in Firefox version 64.0 (64-bit). Actually I took that picture a few hours ago in Firefox (That's the login page of Wikipedia).
  7. Thank you again Dear @i n d i o and I'm really sorry to bother you for this little issue. I really hope that I'm not causing any trouble for you or moderators or admins here. But I have some sort of OCD and these little changes drives me crazy and I cannot control it. That's why I made this topic. For your first sentence, in my first post I said: "I remember when I was entering a password in Chrome, Kaspersky used to show a little box for a few seconds that said.... but in the past days I noticed when I'm entering my passwords I don't get that box (message) anymore (Obviously I meant in Chrome)... I don't have this problem in Firefox." And I have already done what you said, I've set my KIS and Chrome settings to default and cleared Chrome entire cache, history and .... . But I still don't see this box in Chrome: Thank you very kindly for your help and time! Regards.
  8. Thank you Dear @i n d i o for your help. I'm not sure if that's the issue or not but if that is ("That the virtual Keyboard it doesn't automatically appears, anymore on Passwords & Usernames fields : The user have to Enable it manually"), I'm thinking why I see that box (or message) in Firefox and not Chrome! That why I'm thinking just maybe it's some sort of incompatibility between Chrome and KIS (either something in the last update of Chrome or KIS). Thank you very kindly for your reply! ----------------------------- Thanks I thought there should be a time limit for editing posts! So it's 20 minutes. Thanks for that!
  9. Hello Dear @mikethebike! And thank you very kindly for your reply. Actually I've already read all that topic, and if I'm not mistaken you are referring to this. Well since that was about "Safe Money" and English is not my native language I thought that's a different problem. And to be perfectly honest I still don't know if we are having the same issue or not. That's why I made this topic just to ask if anyone else has the same issue or not? My Regards.
  10. Sorry for posting again, and again I cannot edit my previous post, just to make it clear I'm talking about this box (message):
  11. Hello everyone! I remember when I was entering a password in Chrome, Kaspersky used to show a little box for a few seconds that said: "Kaspersky Secure Keyboard Input Is Enabled". This was until about 1.5-2 months ago. I didn't use my laptop for couple of weeks so I don't know when exactly it started but in the past days I noticed when I'm entering my passwords (in google, yahoo, ...) I don't get that box (message) anymore. I'm using KIS (d) and it's up to date and Google Chrome (Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and Windows 7 x64 (up to date). I don't have this problem in Firefox. I know it's not an important issue, but does anyone else have the same issue? I've seen the same issue on my friend's laptop too (Windows 10 x64, Chrome 71, KIS 18). Also I've not change any setting in KIS and I've double checked all the settings and they are fine (You can see the attached picture, I hope that's the correct setting!). Thank you very much for your help! Regards! //
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