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  1. Well, finally some good news! I hope they release patch D very soon. Thanks for sharing that @The Shield
  2. Well, uninstalling and installing again somehow worked for me too! After I installed and updated KIS 19, I didn't change any settings, to see if it works with the default settings. I still get that error! But now after refreshing; the page loads correctly. It's like a few days ago for me. I can open websites now but still get that error.
  3. Hello! To uninstall Kaspersky follow these steps: https://support.kaspersky.com/12783 (Don't forget step 7 for license information) To install it follow this instruction: https://support.kaspersky.com/14109 If you are from Germany choose "European Union" version (for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).
  4. I agree with "The Iron Man". And till now I realized there are 4 solutions: 1- Disabling TLS in Chrome (not a good idea) 2- Disabling scan encrypted connections in Kaspersky (not a good idea) 3- Temporary adding the sites you trust to exclusions list in Kaspersky 4- Reinstalling Kaspersky (liked "MorLipf" said) I installed Kaspersky 3 weeks ago why should I reinstall it? And then do all the settings. It's one thing if I was 100% sure it's gonna work, but I'm not. Sad part is what "xXDarkStalkerxX" said. This issue was in KIS 19 from the very beginning, and it's not been solved yet. I'm not sure Kaspersky is gonna do anything about it in the near future.
  5. Can anyone please help me with this question that's bugging me. I am not an expert so I couldn't find the answer myself. Why this problem sometimes happen and sometimes don't. The Kaspersky algorithm isn't changed, website certificate's the same, Chrome settings are the same. What is missing here?
  6. I'm just hoping they know about this issue and fix it with a new patch or something.
  7. Thank you so much for that! I Really appreciate it. Thanks a lot! I just don't know which one of those steps worked for pierrotraimbault. Clearly no one wants to uninstall KIS. I'm not sure step 2 and 3 have any thing to do with this problem. And step 4 isn't a good idea (an IT expert told me that). I wish pierrotraimbault was here and told us how the problem was solved.
  8. I tried to check that website but unfortunately I cannot open it: "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT". Maybe there is a problem with my internet. By any chance, is it possible for you to add the instruction here please? Thank you so much!
  9. Just perfect! Now I cannot even open google. I haven't had this much problem with Kaspersky since I stared using it 7-8 years ago.
  10. And check this out. I have this issue here too!!!! Just checked Inspect in chrome and found this, for "https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/......" I get this error: "net::ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE"!!!!!
  11. Hello everyone! I was going to post about this issue. I have windows 7 x64, Chrome 69.0.3497.100, KIS (c) (All up to date). It's been couple of weeks that for many websites with HTTPS connections I get "ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE" in Chrome, and same problem with Firefox. There are just few websites that I don't have problem with like google or Wikipedia. And today it's getting worse. Until yesterday when I got this error all I had to do was refreshing the page and it worked. But today this doesn't work anymore. I don't want to turn off encrypted connection scanning and I don't want to add so many sites to exclusion, because kaspersky says web antivirus, url advisor, anti-banner,.... won't work correctly that way. I thought there is something wrong on my side or websites certificate but apparently there is something wrong in KIS. There are other posts here about this issue, like this one: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/401821-cant-connect-to-facebookcom-and-more-sites/ And let's just say we can add those websites to exclusions, is it safe? Web antivirus and some other components won't work on those sites correctly. Like fransje said: "Now the SSL error is gone and all websites work again, at the cost of the security we paid for (lose 1 layer of protection)" Also safe website icon is missing in google search results again. It's all here so I won't go into the details: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/401939-safe-website-icon-is-missing-in-google-search/ At least in this case apparently support said they are working on it.
  12. Dear Berny, thank you so much for your reply. So if I do that all settings (General, Protection, Performance, Scan and Additional) will reset?
  13. Hello all! This might sound stupid but I'm having an issue with restoring my kaspersky internet security (c) settings to default level. I changed some settings in KIS, one of them "Encrypted connections scanning" (I change it to "Do not scan...."). I couldn't remember which on of those 2 options (Scan..., Always Scan...) was default. So I used "Restore settings" (Setting, Manage Setting and then Restore settings). And I am 100% sure when I did that it didn't change back to default (It is still on "Do not scan...."). Dose anyone know how to reset "all" settings to their defaults? Thank you very kindly for your response.
  14. Thank you very much dh27564 for your reply. I reinstalled windows and installed KIS 19. Seems that every thing is fine now. Thanks for your help!

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