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  1. Hello! More information you can find here - https://help.kaspersky.com/KSC/11/en-US/6373.htm Thank you!
  2. Добрый день! На данный момент нет информации об уточнении статьи. У Вас имеется вопрос по данной проблеме? Спасибо!
  3. Добрый день! Все отчеты приходят в таком виде если настроить пересылку? В принципе, такой вариант возможен. Бы какие либо манипуляции с бд? Или простая установка? Спасибо!
  4. Hello! Please use this article http://support.kaspersky.com/us/7317 Thank you.
  5. Добрый день! Пришлите пожалуйста экспортированный пример любой такой политики. Спасибо!
  6. Hello! Please check the network accessibility and Firewall settings on the host. Thank you!
  7. Hello! This is a list of commands. About automatic e-mails: Thank you!
  8. Hello! Does it have a positive result if you run it manually on this machine? Thank you!
  9. Hello! Do you have any computers, that works properly with this key. Do you use KSC? Tank you!
  10. Hello! Please also provide us with the full GSI from KSC server. Thank you!
  11. Hello! Please use this service - https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/#scanresults
  12. Hello! Outlook plugin works with inbound and outbound mail with both outlook versions. Restrictions applies to on demand scan with enabled option 'Scan mail' Thank you!
  13. Hello! The BadUSB component is designed to limit the connection of unauthorized input devices — each new device, defined as a USB keyboard, will need to be authorized by entering a code. If the machine uses devices that are defined as keypads in the system, but do not allow entering the digital authorization code, and there are no specific drivers for them, the authorization request can be disabled. Thank you!
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