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  1. When I run that command I get this: "[SC] OpenService FAILED 1060: The specified service does not exist as an installed service.". I also attempted to run kavremvr.exe at one point. It said it completed, but it still shows up in Programs and Features and the directory is still on the computer. I'll look in the log for anything confidential and then try to PM it to you.
  2. Is that in the policy --> User rights --> User access permissions for application management [Settings...] ? If so, that's set to Full control for both System and administrators. I found that running the uninstall as the local administrator account doesn't produce that same error, but it still doesn't succeed. it gets all the way to the end, then rolls back the uninstall. The log file shows "Reconfiguration success or error status: 1603" near the end. If I use the Installer and select uninstall, I can see that it's removing everything an then rolling everything back. It ends with "Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server Uninstallation Wizard was interrupted due to a fatal error."
  3. I'm attempting to uninstall Kaspersky Security from one of our Windows 2012 Servers and I'm receiving a message that "This user does not have permissions to uninstall Kaspersky Security." My domain user is an admin on the server so I should be fine. I get the same message when attempting to uninstall from Programs and Features, and by running the installer package again and selecting uninstall. I also tried running the uninstall from the KAV Console, but got an error there too.Thoughts?
  4. Our Kaspersky instance is managed by a 3rd party. I told them about the hotfix and that's what they replied back with. Now that I see your post about waiting for a fix from MSFT, we'll do that.
  5. Our Kaspersky team wasn’t able to find it. Is there a specific process to follow to get it?
  6. Attached is a screenshot on my system. Is there a way to generate a private GSI report, otherwise I cannot upload it because of corporate security policies. I'm running Windows 10 1803 17134.48 and Kaspersky just like Langaleer.
  7. I guess both. I don’t know why KES doesn’t open, and I’d like to know why the alert is there to begin with. Our system is administered centrally using the Kaspersky security console. Oh, and at least three end users have reported this. I don’t work in the same office as many of them, so I can’t walk around and check.
  8. Our company uses Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows, but we have the firewall disabled and depend on the Windows firewall. I'm running Windows 10 and have KES 11 installed. In the Windows Defender Security Center's Firewall and network protection section has a red "X" and says "Actions needed in Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows. Open Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows". If I click Open, nothing happens. This happened on Version 10 of KES and earlier versions of Windows 10 as well. Other people have seen this too, so I know it's not just my machine. Any thoughts? Thank you, Alex.
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