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  1. Yeah, I used to work as a systems analyst / developer and if our s/w had developed a bug like this, and I hadn't issued a full statement to Helpdesk to send out to the users without hours, and followed it up with daily updates, I'd have been in big trouble.
  2. I'm blaming them for three reasons. First, it seems like it's their code at fault. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the functionality this alert system is absurd. What kind of garbage software stacks one message on top of another and then forces you to address each and every one to cancel them? Basic software design tells you that you should have a single window that, if necessary, contains the details of all alerts, and that can be cancelled or delayed with the minimum of fuss. Sometimes when I return to the PC I have eight windows, one on top of the other. In addition, we should have the option to isolate and turn off this specific functionality instead of switching off about a dozen other features at the same time. Third, they can't even be bothered to post here and keep us informed of what's going on. I've just seen I've got 29 days left until my renewal. If this isn't sorted in three weeks I'll be buying another AV. I might anyway.
  3. Strangely I never get the error whilst browsing. I get one sometimes when I first start the browser, then only when I leave the browser alone for 10 mins+ Still very annoying, and so funny that when I got to a site with an ACTUAL invalid certificate, Kaspersky doesn't say a word!
  4. Agreed. And it shows a shocking level of incompetence when such a bug goes for weeks without resolution.
  5. OK, so I know nothing about Chrome and nothing about AV but I took at look at Chrome and found this 1) Go here chrome://flags/#load-media-router-component-extension 2) Set this attribute to disable - Connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses (EDITED: wrong one --> correct one) 3) Click Relaunch Now That worked for me. At least, this is the first time in two weeks I've left my PC for more than half an hour without a dozen of these things appearing
  6. I am also getting this. I'm using Chrome on a Win 10 PC. I don't have Chromecast (I don't know what it is) and none of the solutions posted works. I haven't tried the one with the IP and limiting ports because I'm not messing about with stuff I don't understand. The pop ups don't occur when I'm using Chrome, only when it's been inactive and I return to the PC. It doesn't matter which websites are loaded up, or if there are any. Then I have half a dozen of them, one on top of the other. What's worse, they don't even work. Disconnect does nothing. Continue brings up another window that I can't acknowledge unless I click a checkbox saying 'Don't warn me for 30 minutes' - a checkbox that is ineffective as it does nothing of the sort, but at least it allows me to dismiss the stack of useless identical windows. Why in God's name isn't there an option to Dismiss, or Pause Reporting? Is it to make it as difficult for the end user as possible? And the best bit? When I navigate to a URL with a certificate I know to be invalid... Kaspersky doesn't say a damn thing! Classic! If it's not fixed in a week I'm changing AV.
  7. I had the same problem this morning in Windows 10 1803. Windows reported no protection and I saw Kaspersky had not loaded. Tried to load it from Security Centre and then from Start and nothing happened. I went to Task Manager and found two Secure Connections running. I forced these to shut down and ran Kaspersky again. This time it started up. I restarted the PC and on restart Kaspersky auto-ran like it's supposed to, although the Windows Security Centre took a minute or so to update its settings (usually it is instant). I had to re-installed Kaspersky two days ago because I accidentally included my email folders in a virus scan so that it brought up lots of attachments as viruses. I thought not to worry as Kaspersky would simply delete them when I chose that action, but it didn't, it just hung there all day with the processing circle graphic thing going, taking 10% CPU, and did nothing whatsoever. The action could not be stopped, the items could not be cleared, even be a restart. I had to re-install Kaspersky. All in all Kaspersky is causing a lot of problems in Windows 10. I had it running on 7 for five years without a glitch. Now on 10 it's caused two problems in one week. Any more and I'll not renew.
  8. This morning, for the first time ever, I accidentally clicked on a fake Paypal link (I was expecting a Paypal confirmation for coincidentally that same amount and I realised it was fake just as I clicked it!) Kaspersky successfully blocked the URL, which is great, but I noticed a few things. 1) Another tab loaded at the same time, a genuine URL from the Adobe help site about using PDF Reader as a Chrome extension (maybe the blocked url was attempting to load a PDF?). 2) All my password cookies were reset / deleted, meaning I had to log into online sites again. The passwords were still saved in Chrome. 3) Kaspersky database updates, which previously have all taken between 15 and 17 seconds, have since taken over 1 minute, although they complete OK and Kaspersky is running fine. I ran a full scan using Kaspersky and this came back with nothing, and also a full scan using a free trial of another AV just to check. That came back with nothing too. I restarted a couple of times and that was OK. So maybe I'm being paranoid, but is there anything else I should do to confirm I haven't got any nasties lurking? I'm running Windows 10 on 1803 (Spring Update) and have Kaspersky Internet Security, up-to-date, with all options ON.
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