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  1. I am using Kaspersky Free edition I don´t think I can contact tech support but Gjoksi already did, thank you.
  2. I am using Kaspersky Free (d) which should be the latest version, and the manage applications filter is only available for paid users, I can´t see any of that.. The free Kaspersky antivirus works but it is very basic when it comes to filtering and things like that.
  3. I have now managed to installed the Brave browser with Kaspersky antivirus running, it appears to be fixed. We will see at the next update...
  4. Most pages are encrypted these days, including the forum, if you disable scanning on all encrypted connections you will not be scanning anything at all.
  5. This is really annoying, Kaspersky has removed again the Brave browser from my operating system saying it had detected a trojan horse so of course I clicked on Disinfect without knowing what it was. I have downloaded again the browser from the official site but I am unable to re-install, the antivirus blocks it It appears that every time Brave browser releases a new update Kaspersky will block it until reported and then whitelisted. This is not a permanten solution.
  6. When searching Bing Kaspersky antivirus displays a green box next to the website URL to warn that the website is safe to visit, but this does not happen when you search other engines like DuckDuckGo , is this something that must be implemented by the search engine or by Kaspersky? And how do you send Kaspersky feedback to ask them to add other search engines?
  7. It is now working with Kaspersky on. If the error happens again I will update the thread but I am going to add the email URL to the exclusion list. I prefer not to have my email messages scanned. We already have built-in antivirus on the server.
  8. This is happening from today, it must have been the latest antivirus update because for the last year I did not have any problems. When I access my webmail (Posteo.de) and I click on the Inbox or any other folder I get the message "Sever error! (request has been forbidden by antivirus)", it is impossible to read anything. I don´t know if this is relevant or not but the inbox is fully encrypted at server level. I solved it by pausing the antivirus and I have been able to access the Inbox after this, it confirms that Kaspersky antivirus is at fault here. I am using the free version. In attach screenshot.
  9. I have now managed to install the Brave browser, perhaps is that I had to update my antivirus first, I am using the free version, I don´t know what it was but it is the same installer as before and this time it worked so I guess Kaspersky has fixed this.
  10. Sometimes is not the website on itself, it is the advertisements they are running that might contain malicious scripts to infect your computer, so the website gets blocked.
  11. I have been using the Brave browser for months next to Kaspersky antivirus without problems and today Kaspersky told me that it had found a trojan so I clicked on remove and it removed the Brave Internet browser from my computer. I am trying to reinstall the Brave browser, the installation file is not detected as a virus by Kaspersky VirusDesk online but when I try to install it in my computer half way Kaspersky blocks it and it says it is a trojan. Apparently Kaspersky is blocking the download from what it believes to be an infected installer, but I got the installer from the official Brave website. Please fix this as currently it is impossible to install the Brave browser without disabling Kaspersky. Thank you.
  12. OK, it is now fixed, I think I discovered the problem. To delete the message I had to click on the cross next to the second GPS message and not the first one or maybe the touch screen wasn´t responsive enough. Well this is getting weird, now the app says "anti theft protection is turned on", but my phone GPS is turned off. I don´t want to turn it on because of privacy reasons.
  13. I have the Premium version of Kaspersky Internet Security. During installation it asked me to create an account with My.Kaspersky which I have done but the app keeps displaying the orange warning asking me to verify my email address which I have already done. I would like to know how to get rid of that message.
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