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  1. my problem is although i disable network agent and use admin account , but my script doesn't run!!
  2. hello 1. can that local system account run administrative commands? such as "net time". 2. can i use admin account of client (without network agent) for running this command?
  3. thanks for your reply I am administrator of that network and i have administrator's password of all clients. when i create a task for deploy that batch file , i select with account and enter username and password of admin account of that client. but not works
  4. hi i have ksc 10.5 and clients with kes11.0.9 (win7) and kes 10.2.6 (winxp). i want to run some administrative commands such as "net time" on my clients. i create a batch file with this command: net time \\myServerName /set /y this file run on my client manually correctly. in ksc i create a package and create a task for deploy this package. but doesn't work whether with network agent or with administrator account. please help me
  5. Thank you. and only way is upgrade to 10.4,343. thanks for all replies.
  6. hello In 10.2.434 , when creation task of installation my package , I can Add Account. I test with Admin account but didn't work.
  7. Hi Yes. because of this , Network agent can't run Administrative Commands in Win7. Is there any way for running Administrative Commands with KSC 10.2.434 ? only way is I update to 10.4.343 ? Can I run these commands with KSC 10.4.343?
  8. hello , thank you for your reply. my version of Kaspersky Security Center and Kaspersky Network Agent are 10.2.434 , Kaspersky Endpoint Security is May I run those Administrative commands in these versions? thanks a lot.
  9. Hi I have a Kaspersky Server with KSC10 and many clients with WinXP and Win7. I installed Network Agent and KES 10 on all of my clients. Some of commands in batch files runs on WinXP , but doesn't run on win7. this command should be run manually with Administrator account. for example : for changing Login Backgroung i want to copy a picture to a directory of system32. and i wrote these command in a batch file : mkdir %windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds copy backgroundDefault.jpg %windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\backgroundDefault.jpg after create a package with this batch file , I run this package on all of my clients. In clients with WinXP , backgroundDefault.jpg was copied; but In clients with Win7 not. because system32 is an important folder and should have Administrator privilege. or example2 : for change permission of regedit.exe file : cacls %windir%\regedit.exe /e /r Users a batch file contained this code , could run on WinXP and couldn't run on Win7. I even add Administrator Account of clients when i had create task of installation package , but didn't work. Is there any way for run this Administrative commands on Win7? please help me !! Thanks a lot .
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