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  1. Hi, I still unable to remote install KSV LA 5.0 for linux by selected "do not install application if already installed" Here is the scenario : 1. Ubuntu 18.04 Linux VM installed with Network agent 64 bit 10.0.5-42 .deb successful. KSC can see the Linux VM in the console. 2. Create KSV LA 5.0 linux installation package follow the instruction in https://help.kaspersky.com/ksvla/5.0/en-us/132074.htm 3. create a remote installation task to push down -> Failed with the error screenshot above. Error : "remote installation has been completed with an error on this device: an supported version of NA is installed" please refer to the online help description of the skip klnagent-version-check parameter." Can you tell me what is the supported NA version for KSV LA 5.0 Linux ? Or how to dsiable the klnagent-version-check parameter in the remote installation task ? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I need someone expertise to help. I got Ubuntu 18.04 Linux VM installed with Network agent 64 bit 10.0.5-42 .deb successful. When I try to install KSV LA 5.0 for Linux through KSC , I got the error as per show in screenshot. "remote installation has been completed with an error on this device: an supported version of NA is installed" please refer to the online help description of the skip klnagent-version-check parameter. I went to help it only talk about what is the parameter meaning but it didn't guide me how to disable klnagent version check. and I only can find one version of klnagent for Linux in the Kaspersky support website. Appreciate your enlighten for this issue. Thanks.
  3. Hi , I resolved the issue by add my local administrator account to the hyper-V administrators group in hyper-V server. Thanks for your effort and time.
  4. Hi, My hyper-V is windows 2016 x64 OS, KSV LA, securitycentercomponents_5.0.0.232, KSC 10.5.1781.0 1. Hyper V is in workgroup , use local administrator account . 2. Inside Hyper-V , i have a KSC VM . 3. In the KSC VM , i installed KSC 10 SP3 and installed the security center components successful 4. Then i start to deploy hyper-V SVM image in the SVM wizard-> on the select hypervisor page, i add my hyper-V IP address and local administrator account . 5. Then i get this error message.
  5. Hi all, Any clue for me where to check or what root cause that when I select my hypervisor - Hyper V during SVM deployment , it show "invalid settings for connecting the integration server to the virtual infrastructure" ? I use Windows server 2016 OS. I tried install the KSV 4.0 LA it can connect to my hyper-V successful, but when i use KSV 5.0 LA , then it cant successful get the hypervisor.
  6. Could you please advice me if the KSE for exchange 9.0 Anti spam function can scan for Internal mail traffic or not ? I check on the Kaspersky Online help file , i found 2 page that talk differently. a. About Anti-spam protection : https://help.kaspersky.com/KS4Exchange/9.2/en-EN/28871.htm Quote as below from the help online: Anti-Spam does not scan the following types of data: Internal corporate mail traffic. b. About scanning outgoing mail for spam and phishing content. https://help.kaspersky.com/KS4Exchange/9.4/en-US/138450.htm Quote as below from the help online: If the Anti-Spam module detects a message that contains spam or phishing content, the message status takes the value Spam or Phishing. The application deletes the outgoing message containing the detected spam or phishing content while saving a copy of the outgoing message in Backup. The Sender type field for outgoing messages in Backup has the value Internal. To determine whether or not a specific computer distributing spam or phishing content in your organization is infected, you can view the list of copies of outgoing messages in Backup, the list of events in the Windows Event Log, or the list of events in the Kaspersky Security Center Event Log.
  7. if i want to reset the incurable object count -> i can go to unprocessed object repository in KSC / KES interface to scan it or delete it ? Will the incurable object will be show are not infected result in virus report ? so i can know what happen or what virus object for this particular client machine ?
  8. My client computer is PC1. But in the event it show 0-5540c2 in the event, this is correct? The new KSWS 10 version, wont show IP address anymore in the event log ? Thanks for your information, i got it . I can find all the block nodes in the KSWS console, nice and easy! Can you guide me where to find all blocked nodes in the KSC ?
  9. anti-cryptor able to detect the encryption activity and block the host who trigger the encryption activity. But after restart the host, it wont block connection to the KSWS server. Is it normal behavior?
  10. test to copy eircar.com file to KSWS server shared folder -> Result : The eicar.com file deleted by KSWS and block the client machine connection to KSWS server. Event logged as well. But the client computer name & IP address not show. There is no untrusted host setting in the KSWS console , so how to configure block how long ? Also , how to unblock the host manually in this beta version?
  11. During my fresh custom installation on KSC 10 SP3 -> the specify administration server address selection -> missing IP address option. My testing virtual machine is using static IP address.
  12. In the support kaspersky website KSV 4.0 agentless requirement ( https://support.kaspersky.com/ksv4nola#requirements) , it state that you only support the Vmware Linux Thin agent 1.0.x.x For the protection of virtual machines running a Linux operating system: VMware Linux Thin Agent driver (vmware-nsx-gi-file- Recently, i found out there is a new Vmware Linux Thin Agent driver 6.3. x.x from Vmware -> vmware-nsx-gi-file- Is there any compatible issue with KSV Agentless 4.0 File-Antimalware SVM If I use the Vmware Linux Thin Agent driver 6.3 instead ? If anything problem i facing on the KSV 4.0 Agentless after upgrade Vmware Thin agent 6.3.x , kaspersky still support for my issue? Thanks.
  13. as per my title, can i use KSOS 5 license in KSOS3 version ? This is because my server is using Window Server 2008 SP1 ( only KSOS 3 version supported this OS version.) Currently , i cannot upgrade my OS yet because my database not allow to upgrade.
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