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      Долгое сохранение сообщений || Delays while posting (click here to read the full text RU/EN)   09/20/2017

      Due to some technical reasons visual delays are possible while message sending. Actually your message is published immediately - just interface works long. In such case, please, do not re-send your message immediately! Press F5 to reload the page and check if your message/topic is published. || По техническим причинам возможно визуально долгое отправление сообщений на форуме. Фактически ваше сообщение публикуется мгновенно - долго отрабатывает графика. В случае подобной ситуации, пожалуйста, сначала обновите страницу (F5) и проверьте, появилось ли ваше сообщение. Не пытайтесь сразу отправить его заново.


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  1. risolto con Settings -> Additional -> Threats and Exclusion -> Exclusions ->Managed Trusted Applications -> I selectioned Cisco Annyconect Secure Mobility Client-> and tick to Active the agent (double click to edit and tick this two options-> Do not scan all network traffic and Do no inherit restrictions) Settings -> Additional -> Network ->Deactivate Scan encrypted connections and also and in Monitored Reports and in Option Monitor selected ports only
  2. Devo collegarmi ad una connessione VPN, ma con antivirus attivo mi compare il messaggio "The certificate on the secure geteway is invalid. A VPN connection will not be estabilished" mentre se disattivo l'antivirus, tutto funziona senza problemi. Quali parametri di Kaspersky devo configurare? ho questa versione Kaspersky Small Office Security 4.0 grazie