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  1. Secure connection for iPhone/iPad iOS10.3

    Unfortunate. Any chance you could make a side-account on your iPhone and use a different country on it? Not quite sure that's possible unless you'd format factory it. Kaspersky needs to release it on the Canadian AppStore for sure. Here's the UK AppStore link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/kaspersky-security-cloud/id1089969624 I think if you change from /gb/ to /us/ it might show you the option to download but that would require an American AppStore, not Canadian. Still. Odd how only the /gb/ AppStore link appears without requiring the use of iTunes.
  2. Secure connection for iPhone/iPad iOS10.3

    Huh, that's odd. I think there's a way to bypass and download Play Store apps from different countries. I'm an Android user so even if Google implemented some way of blocking the app, I could still acquire the apk file anyway.
  3. Secure connection for iPhone/iPad iOS10.3

    Have you checked out "Kaspersky Security Cloud"? That's the Kaspersky VPN on iPhone/iPad.
  4. Doubts before buy KSC plan

    Hi, I checked on an iPhone's App Store and they do have Kaspersky VPN but it's known as "Kaspersky Security Cloud," while on Android it's "Kaspersky Security Connection" (same name as on PC).
  5. Doubts before buy KSC plan

    Q2 - If your router is at risk then you first need to make sure it's actually secure. Kaspersky VPN changes the country and IP so you should become 'invisible.' Q3 - You can connect up to 5 devices but I'm not sure if Windows Phone is compatible. I know that it's available for Android and iOS. Q4 - Possibly but at the same time you want to be safe so it's a small price to pay. I'm actually lost on Q1, tbh.
  6. "secure connection not available"

    Hey, Have you tried updating KIS on your PC? After that, it may trigger to work fine everywhere.
  7. "secure connection not available"

    I've just been trying to log in to My Kaspersky account on my Android to activate my subscription of KSC but it says I need to buy it. I have 281 days left for god sakes! UPDATE: It's actually working now, on my PC and on the Android! Finally! Kasperky, please get it together. I love your products but this was truly very unprofessional and incompetent of such a high-end reliable company.
  8. "secure connection not available"

    What the hell. So it works for most but I still can't get it? Seriously, I'm getting really frustrated with Kaspersky's services.
  9. "secure connection not available"

    Great but still no dice for me.
  10. "secure connection not available"

    I hope that means the servers/apps on Windows and Android will be fixed.
  11. "secure connection not available"

    For some reason the free version works fine but paid doesn't. What's going on here?! Update the servers/programs, Kaspersky!
  12. "secure connection not available"

    A day later and it still doesn't work. Not going to log in to My Kaspersky account on the Android or else I can't use VPN on there either. Please fix it asap, Kaspersky! This is unacceptable!
  13. "secure connection not available"

    Ever since the early morning of September 6, Kaspersky VPN became completely unconnectable (unusable) on PC/Windows 10 but during that time I could still use it just fine on Android, however, many hours later it doesn't work either. On Android it says something along the lines of "can't connect to the VPN provider" but a funny thing occurred, if you use the free/trial version it actually connects to the servers but the premium version won't. Kaspersky, please fix it because barely anyone can use it at this point and I should not have to use the free 200MB per day version when I've paid for a full year. Thank you.
  14. "secure connection not available"

    Gato, the steps to make it work again have been shared but they didn't do the job for me or others, a few, I guess. Hope that tomorrow this isn't still occurring.
  15. "secure connection not available"

    Hi, I just tried the same steps again to try and get it to work but still no luck.