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  1. New KSC Issues

    No, please. Three issues are not still solved.
  2. New KSC Issues

    The issue no. 4 is solved. I just had to remotely connect to these computers and restart them.
  3. New KSC Issues

    I am really sorry for saying this but issues 1 and 2 aren't that important as issues 3 and 4. Let's try to focus on them and solve them first. Additional and correction info to the issue no. 3: There is NA (10.2.343) and KES (SP1 MR2) already installed with older versions on these computers as they were before the upgrade. The interesting thing is that other computers, circa 300, were discovered immediately after upgrade. They had NA (10.2.343) and KES (SP1 MR2) installed as well as computer that are problematic now.
  4. New KSC Issues

    1. Info update: Didn't help.
  5. New KSC Issues

    1. Done. We will see if it helps. 2. See attachments... Plugins on server and plugins on admin desktop. It shows this error on both devices. 3. Yes, the newest NA 10.0.434 is indeed installed. 4. Wait until one of these computers will be available.
  6. New KSC Issues

    Hello. I recently upgraded to the newest KSC (with Select license) but I am experiencing some issues. 1. I am not able to get into: Administration Server -> Advanced -> Application management -> Software vulnerabilities -> Additional Actions: Configure vulnerability scan... When I choose Configure vulnerability scan, the error window appears and says: "MMC cannot initialize the snap-in." What should I do? 2. Sometimes when I need to see properties of KES (Computer Properties -> Application -> KES properties), I got the error message: "The application administration plug-in is not installed. Do you want to install the application administration plug-in?" . However, I have already had all needed plugins installed. What to do now? 3. There are some computers (15) that are available and visible in domain (I can ping them from any PC or servers) but KSC cannot see them even when I use network or AD polling. (previous version of KES and NA are installed on these computers) 4. After the upgrade, I created task to deploy the newest NA to all PCs successfully. I also deployed KES SP2 MR1 but some computers (20) says "Protection is off" and "Security Application is not running" and I am unable to start this application remotely via KSC. I necessarily need to do it this way. Thank you for your time.
  7. KSC Upgrade - Case of Emergency

    I had to create all policies and tasks again as well as... just everything. It was like a clean installation. Something must went wrong because I was not able to find a backup that was made during KSC upgrade. And backup made by older KSC did not work.
  8. KSC Upgrade - Case of Emergency

    I tried, didn't help.
  9. Hello. I upgraded KSC from KSC 10.2.434 to KSC 10.4.343. But policies and tasks are all missing as well as all settings. Please help me solve this. It is urgent. Thank you.
  10. I am not sure if information in the link you posted helped because I combined your solution with Application privilege control and my solution with allowing server's IP adresses in Web Control section. I don't know which one of them was the right for me but it's working now. Thank you. You can mark this topic as solved.
  11. Can you give me a hint how to work with Application Privilege Control? I have never work with this before. Thank you.
  12. Oh, sorry. KSC: 10.2.434 NA: 10.2.434 KES:
  13. Hello. I have this issue. Some of our company computers have blocked Internet connection because of the KES Policy that blocks the Internet except some websites needed for the work. That's all fine. Recently we had to install KakaoTalk on these computers. The problem is that this app needs access to its server or servers for communication. What do you suggest to do? Should I find these server's IP adresses (you can help me with that) and add them as exclusions? Is there any other way how to manage it (maybe Application Privilege Control, etc.)? Thank you.
  14. KSC as WSUS Server

    Please, close this topic.
  15. KSC as WSUS Server

    Hello. Is it possible to use Administration server as WSUS server with SELECT license? If so, would you recommend to do this? Thank you.