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  1. Hello all, We are using 10.3.407. I have successfully deployed an image using Kaspersky; however, I am unable to deploy an image again using the same configuration. This configuration is being used on another but same computer model. My process includes: 1. select WinPE drivers 2. start PxE server 3. boot computer via NIC 4. boot into WinPE 5. No connection. seems like the drivers are not loaded. How come this configuration works on the prior machine, but not the new one, even though they are the same machine? thanks.
  2. I have created INC000006579250. Thank you - I appreciate the assistance.
  3. I see that now. Is there anyway I can revert the changes or recreate the process?
  4. I added the e5570 drivers. A dell latitude. I did not add them in the KSC but used the deployment tools command prompts and manually added them into the WinPE folder on the manage server. I think this is what may have caused the issue. The process I used before is as follows in KSC: 1. 'Configure driver set for WinPE' - choose drivers for machine 2. 'Manage the list of PXE servers in the network' - choose machine to act as PXE server. Status says 'Ready'. 3. Turn on machine that with Ethernet plugged in - choose NIC boot. (boot w/ PXE) enabled in BIOS. 4. Machine would boot into WinPE and the image could be distributed via KSC.
  5. No, the machines are separate. We use the Kaspersky management server as the PXE server.
  6. I am not sure if I am looking in the proper place. KSC > Help > About KSC..
  7. 1. 'Configure driver set for WinPE' - choose drivers for machine 2. 'Manage the list of PXE servers in the network' - choose machine to act as PXE server. Status says 'Ready'. 3. Turn on machine that with Ethernet plugged in - choose NIC boot. (boot w/ PXE) enabled in BIOS. 4. This is what happens during boot. Thanks, Nickolas Hughes
  8. Hello all! I am having an issue booting a computer into winpe vie PXE server. In the 'Configure driver set for Window Preinstallation Environment (WinPE)' window, I select the driver for my machine and boot. This the the screen I get. I re-added the driver and still got the same result. No matter what combination of drivers or machines I use, I cannot successfully boot into WinPE. This has been functional in the past... I may have broke it. I injected drivers to the WinPE folder on the KSC server a while back and it hasn't worked since. Any ideas what could be happening? Thank you, Nickolas Hughes
  9. I am in the process of uploading dump files from two separate machine experiencing the same issue. Thank you!
  10. I have dump files I can send. need FTP because they are large.
  11. The GSI hangs on each machine I try with this issue. I have found out that the protection is working as intended... but the machine and KSC are not properly communicating. These machines have over 100 synchronization request but are successful less than 5 times. How can I make this number 100%?
  12. some of the machines are XP, although, I am scanning on Win 7.
  13. All of the machines in the affected group are not pulling the GSI reports. It gets hung at 'collecting the "AVP.com" settings...'
  14. Doesn't seem to be going so well. this is the second machine to get stuck at this spot.
  15. KLNAGCHK_parws5_new__2_.log Looking at this log shows that the initial synchronization is the only one that has been successful.
  16. I am noticing that the KLMOVER will resolve the issue momentarily before it returns with similar messages in KSC. KSC will say the machines protection is off and kaspersky anti-virus is not running. EDIT: I have noticed some of the machines that are not working properly have task mangers that look like this. is this normal?
  17. My box was checked so I unchecked it and went back to managed computers properties and saw no computers in the update agent context; however, I can now add computers. Is manually assigning a device more effective and consistent? which is the best-practice?
  18. Good. No, they should not be going to sleep from inactivity. I looked over the article. It appears we allow KSC to choose the update agents. Since it is setup this way, should I be able to trust KSC will do the proper job? also, the add button is grayed out.
  19. Thank you. I am also very thankful for everyone who helped me with this issue. I really appreciate the assistance. Back to the update agents? how can I have clients ask the KSC for updates instead of another machine, as seen in this thread?
  20. before: After: now that the client and the server are communicating properly, will that virus scan actually execute and finish? The event logs show it is scheduled.
  21. I am not sure what the update agents are exactly. I'd rather have the machine connect directly to KSC if possible. There are 579 managed machines. There is only one KSC. KLMOVER_PARws5.log
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