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  1. Can you post a screenshot of that error message? It should have a URL visible in that popup. What is it?
  2. For that you will have to ask KL Tech support, we do not have access to timelines / release schedules and / marketing rollout plans in each region.
  3. Its slowly being released onto public servers.
  4. Open a Support Ticket with KL via my.kaspersky.com
  5. Hello, Once you purchase a service, you will call directly to the Kaspersky Lab Premium Support line 1-877-750-9883 and provide your ID number. Our technicians will assist you over the phone and connect to your computer through a secure remote connection. Using remote access, our technician can seamlessly access your computer and address your specific situation using specially designed tools to help them quickly diagnose and resolve issues. https://usa.kaspersky.com/premium-services-faq I have removed your personal information, since its not a good idea to post it on a public forum. Please contact KL directly as indicated in the FAQ and they will assist you. Otherwise feel free to post your questions and any of the power users will be able to quickly jump into this thread to assist you.
  6. Actually @kaspersky.com is a Corporate Domain of Kaspersky that probably goes to a team of people who handle requests such as yours. Have you tried reaching out to them?
  7. I would just uninstall and reinstall. Ensure you keep the activation code handy.
  8. Please carry out with TechSupport, we are just power users and are not able to assist with this.
  9. You can also contact DigitalRiver and inquire about it.
  10. Can you contact the Admin of that server VPN and troubleshoot further?
  11. KL Employers are highlighted in green colour.