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  1. Thanks for the update! You kind of know that something is odd when things are this strange.
  2. As I mentioned there is nothing to worry about just carry out as usual.
  3. As mentioned before operation = normal. There is nothing to worry about.
  4. There are no such product for MacOS but there is for WindowsOS
  5. Can you please post a GSI from the problematic workstation.
  6. KIS 18

    Right. Nobody claimed compatibility with pre-release software. This had happened every single year. When a compatible version is out those kinds of conversation are pretty quickly abandoned.
  7. Open a ticket with KL directly via my.kaspersky.com The more tickets about this issue the higher the priority of the fix will be.
  8. Its a new feature. Please open a ticket with KL Tech Support via my.kaspersky.com
  9. Please upgrade to v2018 and see if the problem reproduces.
  10. Nope. its up to each webmaster to make sure they have HTTPS available.
  11. If you want the SSL / TLS scanning to work you will need to grant this exception.