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  1. Its a new feature. Please open a ticket with KL Tech Support via my.kaspersky.com
  2. Please upgrade to v2018 and see if the problem reproduces.
  3. Nope. its up to each webmaster to make sure they have HTTPS available.
  4. If you want the SSL / TLS scanning to work you will need to grant this exception.
  5. You sure you have not modified anything in Application Control?
  6. The solution is posted just right above your post. You manually add Kaspersky certificate to Thunderbird.
  7. This is odd. Have you made any rule changes from the defaults?
  8. You panic too much. Stop spreading fear and doubt. Honestly, this is not such a big deal. I understand you are unhappy and curious at the same time and that honestly normal. That is the reason I suggested you contact KL tech support directly. This is just a user forum.
  9. You can voice your opinion via my.kaspersky.com this is just a user forum. Or here https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c
  10. Yes you can remove the log file once you are done with it.
  11. Can you configure your KIS network type to Trusted and see if the problem goes away?
  12. You saying that disabling "Firewall" component of KIS fixes this issue?