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  1. Thanks DenMorozov for good news. I am revising exclusion list as it solve Windows Photo Viewer bug.
  2. Kaspersky products always have very strong self-defense. Today, I found a strange issue. In WinPatrol 2010 PLUS (18.1.2010) active tasks, avp.exe is listed. Right click and select "Kill Task" will terminate KIS. Although KIS restarts itself again and you might see two K icons in tray, yet it is vulnerability (KL might consider it low priority). KIS should defend itself in every case. A small gap/time between service restart might be troublesome for end user. It is reproducible. Need more detail or logs please ask.
  3. Thanks massalama. CF1 skins prototypes are cool. Waiting for download links...
  4. Waiting for updated skins of 2011 CF1......
  5. Nice remake massalama: bravo: Very beautiful and attractive. Skin I am switching to the 232nd Infinity 8.0 (with sound notification disabled): y: Seems like KL May never find Suitable for sound detection alerts. Custom skins Should include appropriate sound (not default like pigs). Also I am Expecting English version of this beautiful skin: beer: Regards.
  6. Custom installation will not be included in CF1 release :angry: Anyone want custom installation back in CF1, make a request to Tech Support (Customer ID is optional there). Hurry! I have made a request already.
  7. @PnP First clean all detected threats from protection state and then run the workaround as suggested by "harlan4096" This will recreate cache and will solve some known problems. Threat detection and neutralization takes time (few seconds) to prevent conflicts/slow down and allow fast file access to OS and other programs (On x64 system, KL products mostly uses Microsoft recommend APIs). That is why it responds slightly late. However, do not worry. It will never miss any known and numerous unknown malwares :b_lol1:
  8. Kaspersky Lab main site has been updated for 2011 products. Official downloads are available in four languages (English, French, German, and Italian). Wait for other languages builds. @austrian1000: Be careful and don't download from unofficial sources.
  9. Hello Please read this post If you still insist, set proxy settings in Kaspersky settings under My Update Center --> proxy server
  10. We understand you!! The only option I can suggest is to mail your web site address and software(s) you use to Kaspersky Lab. Tell them about false positive you are facing. They will analyze the situation and will cooperate according to the situation. One more thing: your English is understandable, but it might be better to type in your native language in Google translate and post English translation. Please don't take it as offense.
  11. First of all download CCleaner latest version. Disconnect Internet -->Reboot PC --> exit Kaspersky after completing boot, then: Remove Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware. It is incompatible. mbam plugs itself as extension in explorer process C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamext.dll -> Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Spybot S&D is running at startup via registry, also remove it. Spybot detection is much lower than Kaspersky. Trust Kaspersky, it is protecting you well. Disable Microsoft Antispyware. Duplicate detection. Clean your old system restore points. Use Disk Cleanup Run CCleaner (use cleaner & registry). Restart your computer Reset your IE. Review Kaspersky threats and exclusion. Run complete system scan. Every other setting/software/configuration seems OK according to GSI. Nothing is wrong with your computer. If you want secondary opinion about your downloads (precaution!), PM me. Check out mouse on another computer. It seems hardware problem to me. You may try to uninstall and reinstall mouse in your device manager. Set its pointer options in mouse properties from control panel.
  12. Memory amount used by any program in Windows can't be limited manually by user (according to my knowledge) especially for protected process e.g., of windows, of Kaspersky own processes (avp.exe) The scenario can be solved by: 1) Clean your temp & %temp% directory manually or by CCleaner 2) Reduce startup processes. Either use mscofig or Autoruns from Microsoft site and disable all those unnecessary startup items. Need help?? 3) Reduce number of pages opened in web browser. The more number of tabs + flash contents per page, the more memory Web AV will take to scan all content to protect your computer. 4) Increase system RAM 5) Use up to date firefox version to reduce memory leaks 6) Uninstall all those old software versions (e.g., JAVA, Thinkpad softwares, etc.) and install up to date software version 7) Install only softwares you need/use. Remove remaining crap. Above tips will solve not only your problem, but also speed up your computer, enhance your privacy and security, and better computer experience.
  13. Hello Temporarily disable Web AV component and see if it works. Right click Kaspersky icon and go in settings --->Web Anti-Virus ---> uncheck enable web anti-virus.
  14. Hello Do the following steps and report back: 0) Unplug that problematic USB device 1) Restart your PC (do force restart, if nothing works by running the following command: shutdown -r -f -t 05) 2) After complete OS booting (no HDD LED activity for 10 sec), right click on Kaspersky icon and see what is third option from bottom: a: Starting protection.... (Wait for few more second until option b is there...) b: Pause protection.... (Should be there on right click menu meaning Kaspersky is now fully functional and protecting...) 3) Exit Kaspersky and wait until you see no K icon in system tray. 4) Now plug-in that device and see if it get installed. If it don't: (don't restart or run Kaspersky) 0) Unplug your USB device 1) Go to device manager (devmgmt.msc) and enabled show hidden devices in view menu. See if your device is listed there. If not then; 2) Open command prompt (run as administrator, necessary for Vista & 7) and run following commands: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 (......enable showing all devices attached/non-attached in device manager) demgmt.msc (......run device manager) don't close command prompt enabled show hidden devices in view menu of device manager see if your problematic device is listed there (should be there). Right click and uninstall it. Close device manger. Close command prompt (exit) Now plug-in your USB device. It should be installed. If still don't :dash1: 0) Enable Kaspersky protection 1) Go to manufacture site and see whether it is supported under Microsoft Windows. If yes, download driver for Windows (x86 or x64) 2) Post GSI. It is last option for us to help you. :supercool:
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