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  1. Hi, Downloaded from here: http://aes.kaspersky-labs.com/english/endpoints And it is 269,321 KB
  2. I'm in the same boat. I have the EXE for, but how do i extract the KUD (or extract the entire installation) so that I can deploy this in KSC?
  3. KSC = 10.3.407 We don't use the Kaspersky firewall component at my company, but it installs automatically and is enabled until the network agent talks to the server and gets it's policy to turn it off. I'm creating an offline install that techs can use vis USB, and I would like to somehow bundle our Kaspersky policy with the install so that the firewall is immediately turned off at install time - before it even talks to the server. Is this possible? We want to keep the firewall component there but not active in case we ever need it. Agent (10.3.407) and AV (
  4. KSC = 10.3.407 I have an install that folks can use from USB or network drive that includes the agent (10.3.407) and AV ( I have some situations where techs have to do the install BEFORE they get on to the network and can communicate with our Kaspersky Administration Server. In these cases the installs fail. Is there anyway to avoid this and create a custom install? At some point these PCs will be joined to the domain and will be able to communicate with the server (and then process policy).
  5. What's the difference between installing it at build time and having it pull DEF updates at restart vs. installing AV from the console after it's built and having it pull DEF updates?
  6. KSC 10.3.470 - AV We are looking to integrate Kaspersky Agent and AV into our MDT build process. All has been going well in testing with simply exporting the packages from KSC and integrating them into MDT, but I'd like to update AV DEFs BEFORE the install goes into MDT so that at build time the PC has (at that time anyway) the latest DEFs and is not pulling over the WAN or Internet for them. Is there a way to update the DEFs in my standalone installer?
  7. Kaspersky Roles for Site Admins [In progress]

    Sure - thanks for your help. Attached is the limited rights I'm setting - maybe I'm missing something.
  8. Kaspersky Roles for Site Admins [In progress]

    Thanks - I understand that - makes sense. The issue I'm having is if I turn off "Inherit" at the "management subgroup" level and assign a user only basic functionality to that group - I get the attached error when trying to use KSC that is installed locally. On the other hand, if I assign the user basic functionality rights at the top Managed Computers level and try to use KSC installed locally, I jhave no issues. I get right in - but can see ALL management subgroups.
  9. Kaspersky Roles for Site Admins [In progress]

    By "containers" I mean management subgroup. I tried creating an account at the management subgroup level but receive an "access denied" error when then trying to access KSC (installed locally and pointing at our administration server). If I grant the test user access at the "top level" on the administration server I'm able to access KSC, and see all management subgroups - which I do not want.
  10. KSC 10.3.407 Our Kaspersky "tree structure" is organized by geographic location. IN each location we have a branch admin that takes care of local IT work. I want to grant access to each branch admin to read only their own container. I.e. - I want them to be able to see their own container but nobody else's container. I don't see a reason to give them full read access to our servers container and other branch containers. Is there away to do this?
  11. KSC 10.3.407 (patch b) [В процессе]

    Thanks for the reply. 1. Yes, this works - just as "Update Agents" in computer selections will provide the info. But it's extremely inconvenient. Not sure why the ability to right click on a container and find out what update agent is assigned to it has been removed. 2. Not sure I understand. I used to be able to go to "Tasks" and see only those tasks created in the "task" container. Now I see every task for every group along with any task ever created in the "Tasks" container. Clicking on the "Managed Computers" container and then going to "tasks" does not provide any useful/alternate info - only the tasks explicitly assigned to "Managed Computers"
  12. KSC 10.3.407 (patch I upgraded to KSC 10.3.407 (patch today from SP1 - not understanding some of what I'm seeing: 1. I can no longer right click on a container (ours are organized by geographic location), go to properties, and see which update agent(s) is assigned to that container. This menu option has been removed? 2. Every single task is now lumped under the "Tasks" container. This means tasks for specific groups, servers, PCs, are all shown in the same place. This is so confusing - is there a way to change this view?
  13. OS Type [In progress]

    Thanks for your reply. I've had the issue on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 - this specific issue is with a Windows 10 PC. I will look to upgrade but will not be doing that this minute. Is there a recommendation for how to install the network agent on PCs that are still in "Unassigned Devices"?
  14. OS Type [In progress]

    I appreciate any answer. But will this really solve my issue?
  15. OS Type [In progress]

    That's a really good idea. But the problem with that in my scenario is the PCs in question don't have the network agent installed yet because they are still sitting in the "Unassigned Devices" group.