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  1. I realize this is an old, closed post, but I'm running into the same error while attempting to upgrade my endpoints to Where do you configure that?
  2. Yes, we are working on upgrading to KSWS, but after today, I'm on vacation for 2 weeks, so it won't be for a while yet.... I'm hoping that by the time I get back, my supervisor will have the servers all ready for me to work on the installation, but I may need to utilize some of my Professional Service hours to help me do so, as we'll be clustering 2 management servers, along with their respective SQL servers, with one management and sql server at our head office location, and the 2nd management and sql server at our DR site. I want to make sure that when I set them up, that I do so correctly.... Regards,
  3. Is there a way I can export my settings, or do you mean via screenshots? As a matter of interest.... the 2 servers in question are our File Servers, which replicate between themselves using DFS. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I started a scan almost 4 days ago, and its only at 39% at the moment... at that rate... it'll take over a week to complete, which is totally unacceptable.... Regards,
  4. I understand that, and as I mentioned, I'm in the process of working towards that goal, but that still doesn't answer my original question, that being, is there a theoretical, or best practice, for maximum volume size on a file server. My weekly scans never seem to complete, and I continually get Event Log messages that Critical Areas have not been scanned in a long time. And for example, my Weekly scan started on Saturday at 11:58am, and its now Monday, at 12:08pm, and the task status shows its still running... at 23% completed... that's a little over 2 complete days, and it hasn't even completed 25% yet....that means it'll take over 8 days to complete, which won't happen, as the task will start over again on the 7th day..... Regards,
  5. Yes... we're working towards that goal, but I have some work to do first, as we'll be clustering 2 KSC10 servers, one in each of our data centers to allow for High Availability, but I need to research some more first before I can complete my setup to ensure I configure it correctly. I still have some Professional Services hours on my account, so if I get lost, I may utilize some of those to help get set up. Regards,
  6. Hello, Thanks for the quick response. If I'm reading the event logs correctly, the last weekly scan started at 11:00:07am on Saturday, July 1, 2017, there were several errors along the way, and it looks like this week, it finally completed, however, with an error on Tuesday morning, July 4, 2017 at 5:53:44am. We were closed on Monday for Canada Day, so there was an extra day for the scan to run this week. We have since added another CPU to the file server to help overcome the errors in the scans that we've been getting. We have also had an issue the last 2 days where CPU resources maxed out at 100% during the day, preventing users from accessing their home directories/files etc, until we stopped Kaspersky on the server. I will be opening a ticket to get assistance with that issue, but I'm hoping that by adding another CPU, that the issue won't happen again. Regards,
  7. Hello, Is there a best practice, or theoretical limit to volume size in order to allow for Kaspersky to complete a weekly virus scan in a timely manner? Our file servers are several TB in size, and when considering backup and weekly scan windows, the weekly scans never complete fully and I end up with the alert as indicated in my subject. All my version details are in my signature. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Regards,
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! I guess I just ignore those then, as the path doesn't exist on my servers.... Are the ones in C:\Users\... actual infections, or false positives? I have several servers showing that they're infected with not-a-virus:WebToolbar.Win32.Asparnet.ay at the path I indicated in my OP as well as in the correct path, C:\Users\AppData\​LocalLow\​Sun\​Java\​jre1.7.0_71\​java_sp.dll/​/​java_sp Thanks again...
  9. Hello, I have several servers showing Java infections recently, but the odd thing is the path that the infections are being located in: C:\​Documents and Settings\<Username>\​AppData\​LocalLow\​Sun\​Java\​jre1.7.0_71\​java_sp.dll/​/​java_sp My user accounts are located in C:\USERS\ not C:\Documents and Settings\ How is this possible????? And are these infections a false positive? Thanks.
  10. I had the same problem trying to uninstall the SP1 MR2 version.... I finally realized, the admin username is case sensitive - and its KLAdmin - not all caps as shown in a previous reply. I realize this is an older thread, but its still showing as "In Progress", so I hope this helps....
  11. Giving this some more thought.... next week... I'll try to use my script and run it as a Kaspersky task and see how it goes..... I'll update you once I've had a chance to perform some tests in this manner.... Regards,
  12. Ok,....so, after actually reading your request.... my script isn't running as a Kaspersky task however. It will be running as a Windows task, as we'll be pushing it out using SCCM. The whole point is to automate the process of installing Kaspersky..... so I wrote my script that as a computer joins our domain, SCCM will push it out to the machine and run it as a Windows task with Admin priviledges. As I mentioned earlier. It seems that if I run my script on a machine that hasn't been polled and added to Discovered Computers, the Network Agent installer that I created from the Management Console will install the Agent, then my script proceeds to patch it with the E patch, then follows up by installing the SP1 w/MR2 client, and the machine ends up in the correct management group. However, if the computer HAS already been polled, and as such, added to Discovered Computers, it remains in Discovered computers, but does indicate that the Network Agent and client are now installed, whereas, prior to the script running, the computer would indicate that the Agent and Client are not yet installed. So... as I'm not running it as a Kaspersky task, I can't send you what you're looking for.... (I might be able to run the klnagcheck, not sure yet as I've never run that before, so will need to research first how that's done....) Have a nice weekend.... Regards,
  13. Hello again, I just tried my theory, but it didn't work either... meaning, I unchecked the checkmark for "Move only computers not added to administrative groups", but it didn't move my computer out of Discovered Computers when I ran my script...sadly... Regards,
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