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  1. Hello, 请使用 GSI 工具导份报告并将报告上传到网盘后,在本处给出下载地址。
  2. Hello, It maybe is a false alarm on your PC. Waiting for the database update. Regards.
  3. Hello, This is a utf-8 coding and variable name are confused. Could you provide this js file to me by PM?I should analyse this encrypted JS to see what it does. Regards
  4. Hello, Please do the following operation: Settings --> Addition --> Network --> Do not scan encrypted network traffic or Add a website mask to exclusion --> Close all windows. Any better after that? Regards
  5. Hello, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Root Certificate is a fake certificate. It only work with scaning encrypted network traffic function. Regards.
  6. Hello, Could you provide the GOG games installer download link for me? Let me check this behavior. Regards.
  7. Hello, You‘d better to delete some email which contain these attachment. Regards.
  8. Hello, 没有解决办法。如果你购买的是中文版本的产品,你必须在国内使用国内IP激活。可以使用VPN尝试激活看看。
  9. Hello, Could you post a english version about your issue. Regards.
  10. Hello, 在哪里卖的激活码?英文版激活码无法激活简体中文版本,反之亦然。
  11. Hello, There are some KL function registries are registered by Windows itself. These registries could be deleted in Outlook addin manager by manual. This registry could be deleted in firefox addon manager by manual. I have a question for you. Could you use product uninstall program to uninstall the KL product? KAV Remover is not a full product uninstaller, It can only be used when normal uninstaller cannot work. Regards.
  12. Hello, Please do the following step to try to solve your problem: Settings of product --> Addition --> Network--> Manage exclusions --> Add --> exzample.com --> OK --> Close all window of product --> Restart the browser, Any better after that? Regards.
  13. Hello, Settings of product --> Addition --> Network--> Manage exclusions --> Add --> --> OK --> Close all window of product --> Restart the browser, Any better after that? BTW, This Beta Testing section of this forum is not allowed to send this type of request. Topic was moved. Regards.
  14. Hello, 请根据以下操作执行: 卡巴斯基主程序界面 > 设置 > 附加(左侧) > 网络 > 管理排除 > 添加 > 输入 “abchina.com”(不含引号) > 添加 > 关闭窗口 > 完成设置。 添加成功后,请关闭浏览器在启动它后重试。
  15. Hello, 你不使用 安全支付 功能能否登陆 农业银行 网银? Regards.
  16. Hello, Could you tell me what AV product set its malware submit place is integrated in explorer? Regards.
  17. Hello, Kill SUPERAntiSpyware process or exit/uninstall this software. After do that, Please check this bosd behavior will happen again or not and reply the result. Regards.
  18. Hello, all How to add KL certificate in firefox : : https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/rs30p1I0ZGiyZm6 password for access: SWe2 Regards.
  19. Hello, What's your detail situation? Could you provide more information details? Regards.
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