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  1. I can't upload attachment. Please download from this link: Attachment
  2. I'm using Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.I'm using . Recently, fullscan generated an error: Completed with error. After a failure, the computer is restarted. I reinstalled windows but still failed. I have ran GSI, please check the attachment.GSI6.zip
  3. Now, I can't access this website only. Another addresses listed in allow rule can accessed.
  4. It is above blocking rule Please see setting in attachment.
  5. In the Allow Rule, I allow to access this website. But I can't access MS'website. (https://login.live.com,https://outlook.live.com/) Please see setting in attachment.
  6. As I wrote in last post, these PC never used LAN cable. So, they can't connect to KSC. I mean: Export Trusted Devices list from KSC, then import this list to offline PC's Kaspersky.
  7. Hi, I use GetSystemInfo5.0 and it has not the option "collect windows eventlogs"
  8. My company is using KES and KSC 10.3.407 I have registered some USB in field Trusted Device to manage all Devices. My company has some Offline - PC ( can't connect LAN cable). But I want to manage Devices in these PC,too. Can you show me the way to Deploy KSC's policy to Offline-PC.
  9. When I installed KES (, this error were displayed. I have deleted folder Program data, restarted PC. Then installed again, but can't install KES. Please give me how to fix this trouble ! GetSystemInfo_HPJPA240ZCJ7_iko_2017_05_24_09_46_29.zip kas.bmp
  10. Only some PCs are affected. When I removed the existing version first, reboot, and then installed the most recent version of KES, this issue still happened. But I upgraded KES from to, this PC is affected.
  11. Hello ! I have upgraded KSC from 10.2.434 to 10.3.407. With workstation, I upgraded KES from to But today, this error is still arised. Here is GSI report. GSI report
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