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  1. sorry, found the patch https://support.kaspersky.com/14840#block2
  2. Hi. Any news on this issue? Haven't yet seen official PF5 release yet.
  3. I really dont like the disclaimer of the PF5 SP3 fix. was anyone successfull with the ios 12 and MDM? Did I understood correctly - we dont need to uninstall MDM service. We have to apply PF5 SP3 and remove kliosmdmserver_cert.pem on existing/current MDM installation?
  4. Hello. Today faced the same issue. User updated iPhone to latest IOS12, and installation of MDM profile fails. Double cheked MDM profile installation on older iOS versions work just fine.
  5. versions are: MDM v. 10.2.575 KSC v. 10.2.434. Yes I can add new devices and everything is fine. How can I disconnect and reconnect without removing the Kaspersky agent from the device? now the forced sync fails. It looks like it tries to use old apple push certificate, despite the new one is added to KSC.
  6. HI. I am talking about iPads and iPhones, so that means i need to remove agents from all iPhones and iPads, and then install them once again to devices (send emails with agent installations links to all user)? That does not sound quite right. As If I remove KAV agent from a iphone all configuration profiles issued via KSC also will be removed.
  7. Hello. We have KSC with MDM installed. Everything worked fine since apple push certificate expired. After adding a new certificate, the devices that were working with old push cert does not work with the new certificate - device status is not updated in MDM and I cannot manage the devices. IF I add a new apple device to MDM now, the status updates and everything works fine with that device. Does it mean that after after new push certificate is added to the KSC, I must reinstall kaspersky agent to all MDM devices? Or am I missing something? Thanks. MDM v. 10.2.575 KSC v. 10.2.434.
  8. Sorry for delay. Yes HDD is duplicated every time PC is decrypted, then encrypted. The old encrypted HDD is not removed (and cannot be removed) from KAC. So for now I have 4 instances of the same HDD in KAC (pc was encrypted and decrypted 4 times, because of various problems)
  9. Hi. There are installed latest patches on KSC. User problem is resovled, by decrypting, deleteng computer form KSC and encrypting it again. Still, question is opened, how to remove unnecessary HDD/SDD from Encrypted devices tab, as there is no delete button. Thanks.
  10. The first issue is for every encrypted device, there is no button to remove the encrypted hdd/ssd when te device is no longer in use and is deleted from KAC. The second issue happen on one of the encrypted computers, what was recently encrypted. Added a task, to add user in pre boot, but couldnt run the task, there was "Could not run task" error. Deleted the task, and created another task. Then somehow the task ran, but also showed up all other previous tasks. Haven't tested to add preboot users on another devices. klsrvplg.dll version is 10.2.531.0 KSC version 10.2.434
  11. As these tasks cannot be removed, they generate new users all the time. Account management is full of identical users. How to stop them?
  12. Hi. These two ssd need to be remowed, as the computer is reinstalled: Second problem, is that manually added tasks for computer cannot be deleted. If I delete them, after a while, after computer reboot, they appear back: Thank You.
  13. Hi. no there is no more need to un-encrypt this laptop, as its sdd has been formated. And no it was deleted from managed computers. Thanks.
  14. Hello. Attached report here http://1drv.ms/1ZWsgm6 But how to delete the old ssd instances from KAC to encrypt this laptop again? Thanks.
  15. Hello. Encrypted laptop with KAV, then I had to decrypt it (as there were problems with keyboard). Then after a while I encrypted it again. Afterall the laptop was uninstalled and deleted from KSC. But in KSC Encrypted devices there still is two instances of encrypted SSD of this laptop. How can I delete these two SSD instances from KSC console? Second problem is, that when I encrypt this laptop, in Pre-Boot laptop keyboard doesn't work, impossible to log in. Woks only External USB keyboard. Lenovo E31-70 Model: 80KX KSC: 10.2.434 KAV: mr1 Thank You
  16. Hello. After few tries user was able to get in Windows. KES: (mr1) AES Encryption module (256 bit) Thanks.
  17. Hello. On Friday I did Full HDD encryption to HP compaq 6005 Pro Computer. HDD - (SAMSUNG HD502HJ ATA Device) Encryption went fine. After reboot, I entered credentials inf KAV pre-boot, and everything was fine - windows loaded. After second reboot, and after pre-boot authorization, there was black screen and no windows were loading. Did full shutdown of the system and after that everything worked again. Today user reports, that after pre-boot authorization there is black screen and nothing happens, tried to reboot computer few times, without luck. Tried to wait 20mins no luck. Is there some compatiblity issues? (didnt find any about this hdd model) And how to retrieve the files that are on the computer now?
  18. Hello. Is it safe to uninstall and reinstall KAV Agent, so the computer would comunicate with different KAV Security center server, while the HDD encryption is running on his PC? Thanks. KSC: 10.2.434 KAV:
  19. Thanks! There is the option I needed. Now it works again correctly :cb_punk:
  20. Hello. Quite did not understand your answer. Why was the address changed at first place, if everything was already configured and working to this external address. Now as the address is changed to INTERNAL hostname to server (which is not accessible from outside), the devices wont be able to download the profile from EXTERNAL networks. All ports are opened but devices must connect via external address as it was before. I really hope i was clear about the problem. "Have a look at the web server settings in the properties of the administration server. If you set your external address there it should fix the issue." There are no such options to change the address of mdm server for profile downloads. At least I cannot find it in MDM server properties.
  21. Hello. Recently discovered that iOS profile installation no longer works to devices, located in external network. Investigating this issue I found out that address for profile installation (installing certificate or adding new device from KAV center) is http://internalserverHOST.dom:8060/dlssppkg?id=5DD7... (which is not accessable from external network) Before SP1 the installation link was https://kav.externalserverhost.com:8061/dlprofile?id=1440.... (what whas especially configured for devices in external networks) . How to change back internal server name to external name for profile installation as it was before SP1? Do I really need to reinstall MDM server? MDM server version is 10.2.470 KAV center version is 10.2.434 Thanks.
  22. Hello, I opened ticked INC000004438635 and attached the requested files. Thank you.
  23. Hello. GSI and Trace is needed from Kaspersky management server?
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