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  1. Sent you a PM. I exported a CSV, about 185,000 updates. Thanks!
  2. That was when I ran the task manually to collect traces. That "modifies" the schedule? I did not make any changes. Thanks
  3. Results: All available Updates for machine in question. Note, no MS Updates even though none have been approved for deployment, and CU 2017-10 does not show up in the all updates section for build 1703: Thanks!
  4. Even if I have _no_ applicable machines for an update, it should appear in the available updates list, correct (not assigned/to be installed)? In any case, I have a hundred machines that should have Win10/Server 2016 2017-10 CU update applicable, and it is not showing up anywhere in the software updates section.
  5. Apologies for the delay. I sent traces via PM.
  6. Not to confuse the conversation to much, but it does appear the issue might be KSC not cataloging all available updates. Also not seeing any new updates for Windows Server 2016. As you can see, I've not received a CU since June. I have four (4) WS 2016 servers.
  7. Interesting, it appears that 2017-10 CU isn't showing up for Windows 10 1703 in available updates.. The Delta update is there, however, but is not applicable. As you can see, I'm up to date as of the Sept 25 update. Thanks!
  8. Send you Sent PM to you and KLCentralSupport. Yes, Patch A applied. Thanks!
  9. Here are the results, and available updates. Thanks!
  10. The machine I collected GSI for is running Windows 10 1703. A few observations. Windows 10 1607: 2017-10 Cumulative Update is being detected by all machines running that build. Windows 10 1511 & 1703: 2017-10 CU is NOT being detected (or any other Windows/Microsoft updates, it appears). Server 2016: no MS updates found. Server 2012: 2017-10 .NET and IE 11 updates found, but not the 2017-10 roll-up. I can confirm that KSC is aware of the 2017-10 roll-up for these builds (listed in "Software Updates" section), but does not find any applicable. Thanks!
  11. OK, I sent the info over to the KL Central Support user. Thanks!
  12. Yes, we use KSC as WSUS, and all hosts update against KSC. Thanks!
  13. Yes, the service is running. The service startup type is Manual (Trigger Start). Thanks!
  14. Using Patch "A" for KSC 10 SP2 MR1... I have multiple machines that are not finding Windows Updates, even after running the "Find Vulnerabilities and Applications updates" task. It seems to find 3rd party apps but not Windows updates. The Find Vulnerabilities task completes successfully. Please advise.
  15. Hi, I am hoping this is a one-time event after Patch B. I will let you know if I continue to see this behavior going forward. Thank You.
  16. You mean the task results? I've PM it to you. Let me know if you need anything else.
  17. Hello, Had an odd event happen last night during our Monthly maintenance window. I have a "Install application updates and fix vulnerabilities" task that I use to patch both Microsoft and 3rd party updates to all of my servers. When I ran the task, I had to wait for HOURS for the KSC to copy files to the C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1103\$FTClTmp directory on each system I was running the task against. Each of my servers received many Gigabytes of data (some received 20-30Gigs). During this time, each machine would have the status of "Scheduled". When the task finally ran on the clients, it would only install a few 3rd party updates (non-microsoft). The result would be "Completed" with no reboot required. And then all of those many gigabytes of data disappeared from the said directory. It didn't apply anything near 30 gigs worth of patches. Re-running the task would copy a much smaller amount of data to this directory, and then patch all of the relevant Microsoft patches. So, 1. There seems to be something very inefficient in how KSC is handling patch copying 2. Why do I need to run the task twice for it to patch everything? This has not been an issue in the past. This is weird, does it make sense? Thanks
  18. The computer description in KSC is pulled from the local "Computer Description" under which is located in the "System" control panel item under "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings." But I've found that the local computer description must exist prior to installing the Network Agent for this data to come across. Otherwise, you have to manually edit the field because I think it's a simple database entry that is populated when the network agent first communicates with the KSC. It would be nice if KSC could provide us a field that pulls the AD description, I agree with the OP that this would extremely useful.
  19. Please allow the ability to download Microsoft/Windows patches to KSC cache prior to installing. Maybe give us the option to immediately download patches from Microsoft when an update is approved. Currently, my only option is just to hit Start on the "Install application updates and fix vulnerabilities" and wait an unspecified amount of time for patches to download from the Internet. This makes timing on server patch management unpredictable (will I have to wait 15 minutes or 3 hours for the KSC/WSUS cache to complete...?). Thanks
  20. We are using KSC 10 SP1 with Patch D. Network agent 10.2.434 with Patch D on the clients too. I do have an GSI report from an affected workstation if you would like to see that (PM me login info if u wish). This appears to be when the network agent is trying to update the "Apple Mobile Device support" software. I'm not sure what version is being updated with that particular software. I apologize, I'm not sure what else you would like to know.
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