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  1. I've got that notification permanently, despite of I've restarted the system several times. How can I debug why is asking my for a restart? Thank you so much.
  2. Hi all, I cannot remember the secret question answer of My Kaspersky account, could I still restore my password? I don't know where should I post this, but I did it in here. Thank you so much.
  3. Muy buenas noches, me gustaría saber cómo desactivar este molesto mensaje que aparece con bastante frecuencia: PopUp Premios Otorgados Supongo que se debe a que solo me faltan 42 días para que se cumpla el contrato de licencia y por asuntos de marketing, pero si no puedo desactivarlo ... igual sí que me pienso renovarla... xD es broma, buen antivirus, gracias por la ayuda ;D Saludos!
  4. Thanks richbuff Kaspersky people have solved my problem updating antivirus' bases Nice team. Regards.
  5. What details do you mean? Does the same information as i expressed at the beginning? Or there is some .log file at respect to my issue with this .exe file? In affirmative case ... Where can i find this .log file? (At which path inside Kaspersky's filesystem, i mean).
  6. I'm having some issues with this program http://argentesoftware.blogspot.com.es/sea...istry%20Cleaner I'm trying to use portable version but Kaspersky Pure detects his .exe like a threat ... I don't understand nothing because yesterday I could use this program without problems ... Suddenly today I can't run this program if Kaspersky's permanent protection is enabled. Anybody can explain me why this program is a threat now? I have been using this program for months without risks to my computer, quite the opposite, this program help me to clean my SO's registry ... And I think that this program is fine programmed and it is very useful ... Kaspersky classifies it as "UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic" ... And I didn't understand this denomination. Also I tried add this .exe to exclusions list but nothing happens, I still can't run it while Kaspersky's permanent protection is enabled. :ak: Please ... I ask for a explanation or a solution, thanks a lot
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