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  1. Because full scan if you scanned earlier then kaspersky AV scanning only changed files not same file once again only changed.
  2. Hi, Welcome Yes it is default settings also depends on your Kaspersky version installed. Not all kaspersky have this feature.
  3. Hi, Welcome. Save only your license file (Key). You can also save configuration of your kaspersky - export file as .cfg Also in windows 10 there are two option how to reset - 1. is reset windows and keep your programs installed 2. is complete reset without keep your programs.
  4. Hello, And so what about MR (maintenance release or patch) will be available in future or we can simply jump into version 2019? Regards
  5. See above (my post) is NOT compatilbe with dragon 58!!! So i found which IS Compatible Read carefully
  6. Hi, Can you create history of kaspersky addon? Or inform us always which version is latest. Because i had version 2017 with addon and working good with dragon 55 (chrome) after was ready version 2018 for our region where i live then i downloaded this version and installed but addon not worked... So i downloaded newer version of addon (randomly browsing internet) and i found this version and installed and viola dragon 58 works with this downloaded from non kaspersky servers. So i tried find it in google play but not found or not this version. So would be better if there is a history of release this addon or tech article or something like this like Kis for example where are informed when was released new patch and which bugs were fixed.
  7. Hello, Secure connection not working - says check internet connection but i am connected. Traces needed?
  8. Hi, DeviceCnesus.exe is safe it is part of WIndows 10. Take a look in your taskmanager and check this proces for load. Also will be helpful GSI . CLick on GSI run it and post link here.
  9. Hi Please uninstall Norton Anti Theft and run it again.
  10. So tell me what do you exactly want??? Newest Total security 2017? Please note kaspersky does not have .iso files. Download only from original sources of kaspersky - exe files.
  11. Hi Total security 3? Are you sure? It is better clen install - uninstall old restart pc install new do manual update and restart again without problems.
  12. Hi, You downloaded 2018 version from my kaspersky? I tried also but downloading only version 2017.
  13. Hi, Welcome. Install kaspersky and also malwarebytes anti malware free is good choice only for scanning.
  14. You have various AV software. So let´s first uninstal incompatible AV : Panda ActiveScan 2.0 and SUPERAntiSpyware, SpywareBlaster 5.5 Check the problem, if still not then continue with uninstalling these : eFix Pro, Unchecky v0.2.14, RemoteCapture 2.6, My.Freeze.com NetAssistant, Canon Utilities RemoteCapture 2.6. After that go to start and type in search box : %temp% and hit enter select all and delete. Also your event log collects many errors with Microsoft-Windows-Immersive-Shell and Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM Better?
  15. Check your temp files. If any exists --> Start and type here %temp% and hit enter after delete all. Wait 30 minutes and check if update is in progress.
  16. Officially is the latest version 2017 ( 2018 is not released for public... Technical preview, RC etc...
  17. Ahha thanks for clarification... One product and thousand options something is available in one region and in other region is not available hmmm...
  18. It is possible now? Because in other (older versions) have this feature but can´t download automatically new version.
  19. Yes we known But only one test company is reliable ----> AV Comparatives. Other deceiving..
  20. Use e-mail newvirus@kaspersky.com or via my kaspersky portal.
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