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  1. We've had Kaspersky running on our server for 10 months and the server is old so we upgraded to a new HP server and, using Acronis, migrated the system to the new server (which works amazingly well, by the way...) The problem we are having is that once the server came back online NOBODY could access the shares and we were seeing "IRPStackSize insufficient" error messges int he System event log. After looking up this and adjusting the IRPStackSize about a bazillion times and rebooting the server we reached the max size and STILL had the problem. Then we got the bright idea that maybe this is an AV issue (since most of the internet help pages we found spoke of this solution with Symantec AV) Anyway, we uninstalled the KAV server program and Viola'...everything worked. So we reinstalled KAV for File Servers (6.0) and boom...all the shares disappeared again. There is no firewall active on the AV or on the server and the ONLY thing we're doing is taking KAV OFF the file server (which i don't like doing but they have to use the box for work...) How can i determine what's happening with this and cure this for my client? BTW, i opened a case 3 weeks ago with Kaspersky support and to this day I still have not had a response other than the auto reply that says they got the ticket and will work on it.
  2. Beginning Tuesday morning our network became extraordinarily slow. Every PC in the domain (windows 2003 DC serving XP Pro and Win 2000 pro workstations.) I ran some scanners to determine where the problem was but did not see network "chatter" slowing things down. When I got to the DC I discovered a "K" in the tray with a blinking globe. When I clicked on the "K"aspersky icon it opened the KAV (Business version) window and I noticed that an update was occuring on the server. I clicked DETAILS on the right and found that it was updating (now at 83%) for over 23 hours and 58 minutes. I could not see a way locally to stop it so I uninstalled the server version and within seconds the network resumed normal speed! During the uninstall process I got a dialog that gives an error: 1921. Service Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 (AVP) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services (I'm a domain admin on this server...I believe I have rights.) Anyway, even though the app has not uninstalled yet, the update has stopped and the K is gone from the tray and the workstations are humming along (and I'm a hero for an hour or so.) However, I don't want to leave the server unprotected so I need to know how to: 1) Understand what has failed and why and how to put some type of time-out on this update process so it doesn't grind our network to a halt. 2) How do I uninstall the KAV server from the DC, fix and reinstall it again (I don't like leaving the server unprotected.) I like KAV 6 Bus. and I have started using it at other clients that we manage but I have to know more about these problems. So far, it has surpassed every product we have used in the past. However, I don't have the experience with KAV that I have with SAVCE or CA-eTrustIT. Please help <see attatched .jpg for screen shot of update window>
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