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  1. Hi, OS version id Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. I just clicked on Managed Computers --> All Tasks --> Create Group Structure and this was screen I got. GSI report is attached, Report was created yesterday. Thank You !! GetSystemInfo_SECURITY_CENTER_administrator_2014_10_07_12_03_50.zip
  2. Hi, I am trying to create the Group structure using the "New Administration Group Structure Wizard", but it's showing me another language (Russian). see the screen shot. Thank You !!!
  3. Hi Nikolay, Files are uploaded with the file names "RemoteDiagUtil.zip" and "Remote Diagnostic Utility.jpg". You can download from my account. Thanks !!
  4. Hi, When I am trying to stop a "Kaspersky endpoint security 10" on a machine using Remote Diagnostic utility, it's stopped on the machine but on Remote Diagnostic utility its still showing that the application is running. I have created a PSR and not able to upload on the forum, so give me a FTP link so I can upload it. If you need any logs or traces, update me? You can see the attached screen shot for the same. Thanks !!!
  5. Hi, I saw some events registered on the Admin Server "Database Error occurred:#1950 (-2147467259) Generic db error: " 'Unspecified error'". see the attached screenshot. Thanks !!
  6. Hi, on the KES 10 SP1 in the "Application Activity Monitor", it is not showing the KL category for most of the applications, not even for Kaspersky Security Center. You can see the attached screenshot. Thanks !!
  7. Hi, I just checked now on the machine and issue is not there, as per my thinking it was due to the updates, because updates are completed on the KSC in night and deployed to that machine through task and now the error is not there? You still want me to collect anything? Thanks !!
  8. Hi, Many Error Registered in the events for KSN proxy. Please find attached screenshot. Thank You !
  9. Hi, Same events registered when we disable the policy on the KES 10 SP1. Please update which events you need? Thank You !!
  10. Hi, I removed the key manually and it was pushed by Kaspersky Security Center again, but still showing the same thing. Thank You !!
  11. Hi, I agree with your point but when showing the features to the customer they asks us that they need this option to block the youtube/video/audio using category not by adding one by one. Thanks !!
  12. But in this the results are different, it should N/A on all the fields or it should "ABC\DESKTOP$" etc, I think by the command it is trying to get the username/Account Name but not working. If this is not possible then it should be there because if the user is logined on the machine then it should display the active username/ Account Name. Please consider this as a suggestion for this option. Thanks !!
  13. Hi, On one machine it showing me that the "Black List of Keys Corrupted". For your reference please find attached screenshot. Please Advise. Thanks !!
  14. Hi, I was trying to block youtube using the "Software, Audio, Video" and it's blocking some websites like "dailymotion.com", "Tune.pk" and "metacafe.com" etc. Please update whether it will be blocked or not under this category? and when I tried to troubleshoot from the KES10 it is showing that Blocked by the rule"Audio, Video". Attached screen shot for your reference. Thanks !!
  15. Hi, In the Virus Report it is showing that the virus is detected but without any username in the Account field. Please find the attached screen shot. User was logined on the machine and I tried to download the Virus from Eicar Test but it's not showing the Account Name. Thanks !!
  16. Hi, There should be an option to add or remove the incompatible application from the properties of the task. Please consider this feature in SP1. Thanks !!
  17. Hi Evgeny, Please download the said logs from the below link, right now my test client machines are not updating. https://www.sendspace.com/file/6wzu5u Thanks !!
  18. Hi, Having same issue, Taking too much time to update and then showing "Error parsing index file". You want any traces or log files? Thank !!
  19. Hi Martin, so this solution is working for you and it's updating the Anti Spam and Anti Virus successfully? I have same issue. Thanks !!
  20. Hi Everyone, I would like to ask if there is any fix or update needed for the KSV 2.0 Agent-less environment to avoid the new SHELL SHOCK vulnerability, please advice. Thanks !!!!
  21. Hi, Are you sure that the patch c will fix this issue and I cannot find it in the list of fixed issues. second thing for the customization setting for the computer status, there is no option available to modify the setting of "Protection is off". Hi Kirill, Does the computer switch to red instantly as you turn it off? The computer status will switch to red within 1-2 minutes once we shutdown. Can you provide a screenshot of your Computer status conditions? I will send you the screenshot of the issue on next working day. Also, what versions are you using? We are using the KSC10 10.1.249.
  22. Hi, Yes the status the will be changed to green when we will power on the computer. When the computer is powered off and the status is "Protection is off" at that time we are not able to ping the computer. When we power on the computer it will be green. If you have test environment, you can try, hope so it will show you same result. Thanks!!
  23. Hi, We are having an issue with "Protection is Off and Kaspersky Antivirus is not running". Whenever we go to the Reports and notifications -> Computer Selections -> Protection is off" it will show us so many computers with "Protection is Off and Kaspersky Antivirus is not running". Although the computers are powered off and not able to ping anymore but still they it is showing "Protection is off". Is there any way so we can define that if the computer is powered off then don't change the status to "Protection is Off and Kaspersky Antivirus is not running". How we can eliminate this issue? Thanks !!!
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