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  1. Can a senior manager please provide a confidence level associated with the October 29’th date? Perhaps the Kasperski does not realize the severity of regression. I am basically now forced to use the password reset function for dozens of web sites. In some cases, I have to make a call to company’s support phone number. I have already started this process for a few critical passwords. The longer the wait the more work required on my part. Five days seems like a small time window, but all my bank, investment, email, bill payment, etc… are done through the Internet. I switched to use KPM because I wanted unique password for every Web site as it seems that more-and-more Web sites are being compromised these days. Using a strong/unique password at every Web site is good insurance against someone breaking into your accounts. I understand problems creep into code, but there should have been some program/safety-valve to print out all the accounts or previous database to roll-back. Three weeks for a fix IMHO is an unacceptable time for such a critical problem.
  2. Can someone please explain why stpass.exe, version, located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky PURE 3.0\Kaspersky Password Manager directory is constantly writing data to disk file. While monitoring write activity on process, I noticed that about 80KB of data was being written every second. Many computers have SSDs and try to minimize constant data writes to potentially increase drive lifespan. After playing around with many browsers, outlook program, etc…, this process is the only one that consistently keeps writing data to disk. Even the AVP.exe process only writes data periodically. I don’t understand why a infrequently used password manager needs to constantly be writing data to disk 24x7. I investigated this potential concern after a poster mentioned stpass.exe constant disk activity for Pure 3 “Patch C” password manager problems. I have downgraded my system to (note: password features still broken). Even with installed, the stpass.exe is still constantly writing data.
  3. As many have suggested, there is a Password Manager problem with the latest Pure© update. 1) Cannot view passwords using the “eye” icon located on right hand side 2) Cannot change username or password as the save button is not enabled. If you attempt to use the Edit for URL, this will enable the save button. Unfortunately, using this kludge to force the “Save” button does not cause user-name/password changes to be saved 3) Expiration dates that were previously set to, “Password never expires,” are now expiring 4) Any new records added, seems to avoid this behavior. I have a good number of passwords, so it’s not feasible to start over. //edit: Add quote of the important post:
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