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  1. Hi Lane, I guess that you have problem with access rights only. Try to check whether your account under which are you login in KSC has allow all rights for new plugin KES10SP1MR2. KSC > Administration server > Right button on the mouse > Properties > Security > here allow all permissions for your account for the new version of plugin. If you don't see security tab in the properties, check this KB article - http://support.kaspersky.com/9287 Good luck, Michal
  2. 1. How did you set policy for Kaspersky Network Agent > Update source > can you post the screenshot? 2. Which type of license are you using? (Core, Select, Advanced or Total) 3. If you have the type of license Advanced or Total, so you can create task Perform Windows Update Synchronization (KSC > Administration server task > New task
  3. Can you try use utility klmover on the client? Client > cmd as administrator > in the folder Program Files\KL\NA is tool klmover.exe > use this tool with this command "klmover -address" > enter ( = your ip address KSC server) > is the list with update agents still the same as before?
  4. Did you try clear KSC repository? 1. KSC > Repositories > Updates > right click on a mouse > All tasks > Clear updates repository 2. Administration Server tasks > Run Download update to the repository 3. After download all updates to KSC > run update task for the clients
  5. It's scheduled Virus Scan task on the date 4-11-2014, it's right. But wrong date and time on the client can make this problem. Check these parameters on the client please.
  6. Hi, are you sure, that your file is decrypted? The article below maybe resolve your first question into this topic. http://support.kaspersky.com/9969
  7. Yeap, I expected these informations. 1. Repositores > Keys > Grey key > Properties > Computers > On these all computers use next steps. (these computers has old license key, which has not fully compatible with KES10 and it is a reason, why you got information on the screen about license after migrate to the product KES10) 2. You have to now disable "deployed automatically" on the all licenses in Repositories. 3. Create new task for KAV6 > Key file installation > Choose your new license key. (if you have some computers with KES10 inside the list computers from step 1, you have to create second task for deploy license for the product KES10) 4. Send this task(s) on the all clients, which use the license from step 1. 5. Now you can migrate to the product KES10 and after restart the client you doesn't get information about license on the screen. After all the clients will get the new license over task, the gray key in the repositories will be remove automatically. Good luck
  8. 1. Could you look on the client over KSC > the client with KAV6 > Properties > Applications > KAV6 > Properties > Keys > Is't there only one active key? Activation key has correct name with the name the key ("Application" text > .....Kaspersky Security for WS and FS...) 2. How many keys you have in the Repositories > Keys?
  9. Ok, do you have new license key files (2 files with extension *.key and one *.txt file with activation code), that is right? How many activation keys do you have in the Repositories > Keys? And do you have some key in the repositores which has description "Kaspersky Security for WS and FS" (Repositories > Keys > click on some key > right window you see "Application" text > .....Kaspersky Security for WS and FS...) ?.
  10. Hello, you can try this steps - http://support.kaspersky.com/9780
  11. Hi, if you had installed before the product KES10 the product KAV6 so the product KAV6 used old type licence key. Probably best solution is deploy your new license key (not license activation code) to the client with KAV6 and after this step update to the product KES10 or you can uncheck encryption module in the instalation package (some information is here - http://support.kaspersky.com/9637)). But I don't know if you want use encryption on the clients.
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