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  1. I didn't make the switch yet. I still have a couple of months left on Bitdefender. What am I compromising by turning off the injection? What does the injection do?
  2. Hi All: Looked around the forum but have not found a definitive answer. I used Kaspersky for a few years up until 2015. I believe that was when they added the Javascript injection. I then switched to Bitdefender. 1. If there is now an option in Kaspersky IS 2017 to turn the Javascript off I would come back. Does it exist? 2. If I do turn Javascript off, what am I compromising? Thanks
  3. RDP passwords? What does this stand for?
  4. More info... The problem seems to be a javascript conflict that began when I upgraded to Total Security 2016. I have been using Kaspersky for over 5 years and the banner manager for at least that long. Never a problem. Problem started the moment I upgraded to Total Security 2016. Here is a link to test copy of my home page. There is a big banner in the center of the page. With Kaspersky TS 2016 set to on all you will see is a dot. Turn off Kaspersky and refresh the page and the banner appears. I have been dealing with the banner manager developer as well. They are saying it is a Kaspersky issue as all was fine prior to the update. It is hard to argue with them... http://signingshotline.com/kasperskyTest.php
  5. This script is the culprit blocking banners on my website. And yes, banner block is off. I spend so much time and money trying to PREVENT injection into code and now I am paying Kaspersky to do it? What if someone hacks into your servers and plays around with the code that you are injecting? I cannot even imagine how many computers will be infected in the blink of an eye. I have always been curious about Bitdefender. I will be dumping Kaspersky and moving to Bitdefender and recommending this to the people who use my website. Kaspersky is blocking my banners, my source of income. Injecting code, for any reason, is a pretty ballsy move. Too many options out there other than Kaspersky
  6. Why is <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ff.kis.scr.kaspersky-labs.com/1B74BD89-2A22-4B93-B451-1C9E1052A0EC/main.js" charset="UTF-8"></script> being injected into my header of all my pages? What is its purpose? How can I disable this and what would I miss?
  7. Hi all: Just upgraded from PURE to TOTAL SECURITY 2016 due to Windows 10. I run a website. As soon as I did this the .jpg banners on my website were blocked. Not gifs just jpgs. I have banner block set to off on Kaspersky. I even set every protection option to off to test it and they were still blocked! I disabled Kaspersky and the banners appear! Any help on this is appreciated. Still have 200 days on my license. Thanks!
  8. Hi all: Using Pure 3.0. I downloaded an email that contains malware. Kaspersky sounded the sirens. I sent the email to trash. I open Kaspersky and I see this email file listed in red as a malware threat. I then deleted the email from trash. When I click on the PROCESS dropdown on Kaspersky I get 4 options on how to handle this malicious file: 1. Add to exclusions 2. Skip 3. Open Original Folder 4. Object Description None of these 4 options appear to clean the system or fix the problem. What is the proper way to handle this? Thanks
  9. I went through this help desk too. They stopped replying. What are GUI, SRV, HST
  10. Monthly log is attached. BIOS date is correct. GSI above is from a few hours ago. Not sure what to do about DNS. When this problem occurs and I try to exit and restart Kaspersky, Kaspersky just hangs on the "loading" window and never goes further. Kaspersky_925.zip
  11. My GSI report link: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...fe1f615c95147d7
  12. My, uhm, update report? Like the one I submitted for the same exact problem on this thread back on 7/30? All of these things you are asking have all been done. Yet I will do it all over again.
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