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  1. I'm done sending logs, system reports, and the entire litany of things people want me to send. I'm trying hard not to be short tempered, or come across rude, but I feel compelled to say this. Kaspersky has been testing my patience with absolutely clue-less tech support staff, and developers who think that their entire user base consists of beta testers. In fact, going through some articles in the beta test forums for Pure 3.0, it's pretty clear that there are many issues raised by smart testers that have been ignored or glossed over. Patch C, then Patch D, were supposed to fix the 2 symptoms that the majority of users have been suffering. Instead, Patch C was a disaster, and Patch D simply put the system back to the way things were before Patch C. So, please forgive me if I refuse to send anything. At this point I've already switched my password manager to KeePass, which only took a couple of hours worth of putzing around to make it work. (fortunately I had couple month-old copy of my password database from Pure 2.0 which I could import. Since Password Manager was the main reason I stayed with Kaspersky since Pure first came out, I think I have now weaned myself off Kaspersky, and will just wait for this license to expire before abandoning this ship -RKA
  2. I noticed the same strange slowness over the past few days, after the whole Patch C and Patch D debacle. Applications would take long - 10s of seconds to more than a minute - to launch. I'm pretty certain it hadn't been that slow earlier. Using ProcExplorer, I noticed that Kaspersky's "avp.exe" process was consistently using around 30% of my CPU. Poking around Kaspersky's settings, I noticed this thing called "System Watcher", which I disabled. This immediately brought the usage down to 0.5% !! Suddenly my applications open quickly, like they used to. So googling around, I came across this forum thread which indicates a chronic problem: Topic 258277 <edited out a subjective rant> Hope this helps someone. -RKA
  3. :dash1: Kind of reminds me of my response when my kids used to ask me when they would get a raise in their allowance. The "next year" response was consistent, and worked every time. @JanRei - Danila's response was from last week, which makes the expected date this week, not next week. I hope that's not just wishful thinking. -RKA
  4. FWIW, I did find the Beta forum on the main forums page, and followed the instructions there. I have Patch D loaded, and as far as I can tell it works fine. The password display is back, the expiration nonsense is gone, the stpass.log file is no longer filling up my hard disk, and things are back to the way they were. Unfortunately, the way things were includes the regrettable removal of the password export capability. Still, 2 steps back and one step forward is better than 2 steps back and waiting. NOTE: With the beta version of Patch D installed, you won't get database updates. For that, I guess, we will have to wait for the final release. -RKA
  5. Thanks, Scott C. Are you a user, or a Kaspersky employee ? There have been others who come across as being employees, and then fall back to being users when the dialog becomes uncomfortable. Just trying to understand the apology you offered, and it's inherent value. Thanks. -RKA
  6. Generally (you probably know this), a file is "locked" when it is opened for writing, to prevent conflicting writes by other processes. Reading is allowed, and works for me as expected. There is a utility I have been using for years called "unlocker", which breaks that "write" lock. That seems to prevent STPASS from writing to the file any more. Yes, one has to do the unlock at every re-boot. However, this is just a work-around to solve the problem with the growing log file. Probably klugy, but no harm, no foul.
  7. Thanks, but I actually want to use PWM. I just don't want the burden of an ever-increasing log file and constant write activity. Stopping (or never starting) STPASS is not the goal. This unlock method works for me as a band-aid. -RKA
  8. After days of venting and fuming about the force-fed and botched Patch C update, I tried to get around some of the issues while waiting for Patch D on October 29. The sudden appearance of the SPLOG.log file in "My Documents", and it's constant, by-the-second growth, was one such major pain in the rear. After trying obvious and simple ways to get rid of it, I found that unlocking the splog.log file caused it to suddenly stop in it's tracks. Kaspersky Pure is still up and running, as is the Password Manager (stpass.exe). The utility I used is called Unlocker by Cedric Collomb. I'm not sure of the rules about posting referral URLs, but search for unlocker from a site called emptyloop. Just trying to pass along some help. Edit: I used version 1.8.7 of Unlocker. I can't speak to other versions. -RKA
  9. I have the exact same issue, except I'm using Windows XP Pro SP3 (build 2600). Please also note that the issue existed *before* the patch. I applied the patch hoping to fix the issue. (Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64 m) -RKA
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