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  1. I did verify the version. It disabled my Network adapter (but I could use Wi-FI) and I was unable to use Sticky Password and Adguard. I tried making it a trusted network, disabling SSL scanning (when I disabled Adguard it would work but wit the typical not trusted certificate page errors that a lot of AV vendors are experiencing I guess?). I also installed the KLabs certificate before disabling SSL scanning. was a bit disappointed. I hope version 17 is better. Kaspersky has a reputation of excellent protection. I wish that we had a product available that had (Robust Firewall with IDS and Proactive protection (similar to HitmanPro.Alert- an Exploit and 0-day blocker), Heuristics, Great overall AV, Firewall + Exploit and 0-day blocker. Perfect) I will be happy. TAM needs some work Not a bad company. Needs work on compatibility with 64-bit systems, Windows 10 and time to move away from XP. It holds back development and focus on code quality and can limit things.
  2. How is KTS 2015 Performing Lately? I a thinking about moving back to KLabs after changing vendors for a while. I have a license for KTS, but want to try the trial before I re-image /upgrade my OS (Currently running Windows 10 64-bit build 10586. Are there any serious known issues, or am I best to move on to KTS 2016? (I did read the KB article) Windows 10 64-bit build 10586 Intel i7 6th gen 2.5ghz 8GB Ram Hemidal Pro HitmanPro.Alert
  3. Is Kaspersky IS 2015 still a viable/safe option considering all the nasty ransomware going around? I have a disc that I thought I used (KIS 2011) but the highest it goes is KIS 2015 as far as migration policy. Any comments accepted
  4. richbuff, I returned just to say thanks. It was uneventful. Removed 2 Trojans, MBAM removed 8 other things, and its running smooth now. (I would re-image but he is not really interested). Thanks for the advice!
  5. I am helping my brother with his PC. Currently, KIS is installed, but has been expired for a few months. I bought a commercial license for KTS 2016. Do I need to use the removal tool to uninstall KIS v14 before installing KTS 16, or just use the standard uninstall method in Windows 8.1? There are no other AV products on the system. I imagine there may be some cleanup involved though if he hasn't had AV in 3-4 months. I cam take care of that I hope. I am trying to get this installed soon. Thanks in advance!!! Also: Should I use the full installer or the 1.7mb installer? I have 3mbps DSL :/. Thanks!
  6. Anyone have any updates on this topic on the latest releases of KIS 2015 w/ MR 2 and current patches? or What about KTS w/ MR2 latest patches? It will be for a Windows XP PC w/ SP3 32-bit. It only has 1 GB of RAM. It's a temporary computer that hopes to last until Windows 10 is RTM and then wait about 3-4 months after to see how it is going instead of going to Windows 8.1 It ran okay in a VM w/ 2 GB of RAM on Windows 7 w/ me. Thank You!
  7. Kasperskt Password Manager not working at all in KTS 4.0 ( (B.) )When I click on the Icon in the Broswer (The Key Icon) as it was in PURE 3.0, it just says Kaspersky Password Mangager. It doesn't pickup on AUto-fills or anything. I have triple checked that the plugins are installed through the KPM interface and that they are enabled in all Browsers. Is anyone else having this issue? Windows 7 SP1 Pro x64 up-to date. Last database update was just now. Occurs in Mozilla Firefox 34 IE 11 Google Chrome 39 (64-bit). edit: (b.) sted cool.gif.
  8. I have been told the same twice by support. At this point, I am no longer surprised......
  9. Is it related to the POODLE (SSL 3.0) vulnerability?
  10. You can see that the latest version of Google Chrome contains 159 security fixes and 113 minor fixes......I'll let you decide. http://googlechromereleases.blogspot.com/2...nel-update.html
  11. I know it has been a long time, and I am very frustrated myself. Has it been 114 days (now 117 days)? That is basically 30% of a subscription period Developing and testing is time consuming, yes. However at least 2 months? This delay has caused significant problems with product functionality. It is pretty disappointing. Is there an ETA for a fix? Please?
  12. If they are working on a fix to prevent incompatibility with the latest browser add-ons, and especially password manager (For Firefox, Chrome and IE), I am happy to wait. More testing = a more reliable product before RTM.
  13. It is the weekend. In order to receive an actual technician's response, you must reply to the email you were sent where it sends you the suggestions to take.
  14. How is Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 running on XP SP3 lately? It is one of those family computers with 1GB of RAM (it's that old when that was standard). I re-imaged the PC 2 years ago, and they are waiting on Windows 9 to be released to buy a new PC. Then, they are re-formatting the XP PC and tossing it. It is currently running KIS 2014 (latest patch) and is a resource hog (in part because of the1 GB of RAM). I like Kaspersky overall, but IMHO the 2014 build was not the best that has ever been released. I am interested if anyone has experience, specifically with XP and 1-2 GB of RAM. Main concerns: Resource/RAM usage, overall protection and stability. Thank you in advance for your knowledge in this matter.
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