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  1. Hi all (Kaspersky Administration kit) problem

    Ok winbug , I am waiting now for kaspersky support team in my country i will keep you updated...
  2. Hi all (Kaspersky Administration kit) problem

    Thanks Kulaga for your reply ; but we didn't change any configuration in our switches or topology for 1 year , and everything was working fine before , nothing changed in our switches or the admin kit policy , it just happened and we dont no why?? we contacted dell network support team and they assure us that there is problems in our switches or topology ... thanks again
  3. Hi all (Kaspersky Administration kit) problem

    Kaspersky administration kit Version: 8.0.2163
  4. Hi all (Kaspersky Administration kit) problem

    Same problem exist , the type of the traffic is multicast in port 15001 ,and every PC connects to the network raise the traffic bandwidth by 0.5 mig need help
  5. Hi all (Kaspersky Administration kit) problem

    thanks and i will give it a try
  6. Hi all (Kaspersky Administration kit) problem

    Any one Here !!!!!!!!!!
  7. klmover.exe

    It happened for me before and i tried the patch file but it not succeeded in all Pcs , the best way is to try to fix the previous server and then creat a task for pcs to change the address for new admin kit .
  8. Hi all , i am a new member here and i fell shy that my first topic will be my problem... after using KAkit 8 for three years without any serious problem , we start to notice that network traffic is slow , and when i ping the core switch (DELL powerconnect) , i mean pinging the vlans interfaces there is a lot of Request time out and reply delay. then we start the troubleshooting process , after 2 weeks of disabling all network devices , and reconfigure the switches and vlans , reconfigure access lists , and using wireshark , we notice the the network is pretty slow when the pcs start-up on (Running services) , and after some testing we uninstall all network agents from the pcs (BTW i am talking about 250 Workstation and 13 Servers ) everything runs smoothly . i install Kasper security center 9 to test if the problem from the old kit , after installing new kit and deploy the agent and AV just in 10 clients , the same problem happened again ,, uninstalling network agent from client made the network stable again... if any one have an idea really is appreciated thanx and sorry for my poor english