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  1. Hi, download & install patch82 from below link and then try to add key file Download the patch pf82 here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/PF82/patch_pf82.rar
  2. Hi, you have simmple way, after the install patch pf82 you can add the license key to KES8, Download the patch pf82 here Thanks, Sahan Marga
  3. Hi, You cant connect KES 10 to admin kit 8. so you need to upgrade your admin kit to Kaspersky security center 10. Regards sahan marga
  4. Dear All, I installed Security Center 10 and endpoint 10 with encryption part. all installation as well. then create a folder and encrypt it from local pc its running very well. then create another folder and encrypt it from policy of Security center. but it not work. please advice me any one, in your side is it work Thanks Sahan Marga
  5. Hi, Thank you for information, i will check and reply you what is the feedback Thanks Sahan Marga
  6. Dear Mikhail, I have same problem, can you please send me the correct steps of Files & Folder Encryption Regards Sahan Marga
  7. Dear All, I installed Security Center 10 and endpoint 10 with encryption part. all installation as well. then create a folder and encrypt it from local pc its running very well. then create another folder and encrypt it from policy of Security center. but it not work. please advice me any one, in your side is it work? Sahan Marga
  8. Hi, we are the distributor for the Kaspersky in SL. so we handling more than 35000 corporate license. many pcs are still using KAV 6.0 Mp4 edition(Minimum system requirement problems). the problem is after the added key file to SC 10 cant be access license information from Sc. no key file send automatically to client pc. couldn't see license information from SC report &notification, please resolved this problem immediately
  9. Hi, Do the below steps, Remove your Network agent 10 policy from administration server and remove network agent on target computer. Then create again network agent policy & in that policy Wizard UN tick all tick in Repositories and complete it. Re install Network agent to target computer find the status... Regards, Sahan Marga
  10. Hi, Please provide the GSI report http://support.kaspersky.com/7317 Regards Sahan Marga
  11. Hi, I agree with Helmut, New key totally support for the KAV 6.0 Mp4 and Endpoint 8 but in this moment we cant apply the new key files through deploy method, I think this is a bug & KL will fix it soon. If you want to check this, if the patch B already installed on End point 8, you can add the key file manually. Regards Sahan Marga
  12. Hello Tedd, Do the below steps for the 1 pc and check it, 1. Download the virus removal tool from the following link; http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1828590/salitykiller_1.3.6.0.exe 2. If the virus guard is partially installed remove it completely. 3. Disable system restore on your machine. Right click on my computer -> properties -> System Restore -> Tick on Turn off System Restore. 4. Double click on the tool which you have downloaded and run it. 5. After completing the process reboot the PC and run the above tool again and make sure the virus has been removed completely. 6. Now install the Kaspersky virus guard in the usual way. Regards, Sahan Marga
  13. Hi Mustafa, You can removed Mcafee agent from using below commend, c:/programfile\Mcafee\Commonframework>Frminst.exe /forceuninstall Regards Sahan Marga
  14. \ Hi, Can you explain your Network agent version Regards, Sahan Marga
  15. Hi, Did you check ping from to . if the both side ping is ok reinstall net agent to one pc manually and connect it to SC from using KLMOVER commend then check what is status & send the feedback. ( must be disabled windows firewall) Regards Sahan Marga
  16. Hi, I agree with cariocap. I had same issue and I also disable Vulnerability scan task. after that PCs running smoothly. Regards, Sahan Marga
  17. Hi, This file clean from Heuristic Analysis, some time this is may be virus or not, i think good way, submit this to newvirus@kaspersky.com with sample file.
  18. Hi, I already sent tat problem to KL. bout no any news yet. i think this is a bug.
  19. Hi Boyle 100% agree with you. i install the license from License installation task, its ok but problem is the count not appear on key information of repository. manually installed licenses cant be manage from SC.
  20. Dear all, I have install SC 10 and add a CORE trial key to SC. then add the KAV 6.0mp4 package. after that create a 2 remote installation task 1st one for Network agent 10 with Endpoint 10 2nd one for Network agent 10 with KAV 6.0mp4 - all are well and remote installation successfully. but the problem is the Key file aromatically got endpoint 10 only. KAV 6 not got the key aromatically. KAV 6 PC and SC PC network agent synchronization is well. Sahan Marga
  21. Dear All, I want to block USB date storage from Core license. Not the Endpoint. So I got a trial license from online.kaspersky.com for the workstation. Then installed SC 10 with 6.0Mp4 plug-in and add that trial key to SC. Then Install SC Network agent 10 and 6.0Mp4 guard through SC. All are well and that pc could be mange from SC. Then I create a policy for 6.0mp4,and block the USB Data Storage from Access Control. Everything fine & USB Pen blocked with CORE license. Now my problem is: 1. Is this scenario correct? 2. In future KL drop that device blocking from 6.0Mp4 ? Sahan Marga
  22. Dear Igor Akhmetov, Thank you for your quick respond, this is my problem with in details We are the distributor of the Kaspersky in Sri Lanka & we have so many corporate customers. at last month many customers had with problem after install Patch B & C . however we manually install the patch Pf80 & Pf82 to this customers and after this problems are solved. then Patch D install automatically also. but since today morning past problems come again. on that endpoint Pc got the patch B,C,pf80,pf82 & D. identified problem is 1. Kaspersky Icon on Task Bar inactive mode 2. slow down and slow up 3. System performance running very slow 4. Some Pc 's not showing Kaspersky Icon on Task Bar other setting are ok , Net agent, Net agent synchronization, License Security center connectivity. this problem only not the o1 customer & in Sri Lanka so many customers got this prob since today morning. waiting for your positive feedback Thanks Sahan Marga
  23. Dear All, After install Patch C,PF82,D problem PC s running smoothly aliast. but since today morning all PC s Kaspersky Icon inactive and problems again came. please advice me :angry:
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