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  1. I did a quick search for them and didn't yield anything in that directory. For some reason GSI picked them up there when they were in SysWOW64 instead. But nothing has changed so I'm hoping support will be able to advise me.
  2. So being on the same computer since December, I never had a problem getting "XboxStat.exe" to run. That is the actual process for what is also known as Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Status, which is the driver required in order to use the wireless adapter for the PC. This was all while I was running AV 2013. I updated to 2014 probably around June. I hadn't noticed until now since I didn't need the controller for awhile, but the program will not function. Its process is running, but I cannot interact with it. Ending the process and relaunching it will result in the UI appearing for a second, then disappear and I cannot reopen it, with the process still running. So my first idea is Kaspersky is being ficky about it. I pause AV 2014 via right-clicking it in the tray--it still doesn't work. I exit Kaspersky in order to remove it from the memory as well, and ta-da, the program works as it should and I can use my controller. So I add the entire install folder and each .exe to the exclusion list being excluded from all components (Yes, active); for the specific .exe's, I tick each option since I don't need protection for them. I disabled each component manually including self-defense, and t still won't work at all. To recap, unless Kaspersky is removed from the memory, I cannot get the Microsoft driver/software for the 360 controller wireless adapter to function. Yes, the driver is correctly installed and is the right version, as well as being digitally signed by MS. Does anyone have any other ideas I could try to get Kaspersky to stop conflicting with it? I am under an administrator account with UAC disabled.
  3. Unfortunately it didn't work. Thanks for the help though, much appreciated! I'll go ahead and talk to tech support.
  4. The normal uninstall and reinstall did nothing to fix it. As said, earlier I tried the removal tool method which suggest removing it once > no reboot > remove again > reboot and reinstall.
  5. It turned out setting AVZ on its highest settings for all my drives and such would take 45 hours+, so I cancelled that (while using script). I restarted it under normal modes and such, no drives selected (not sure if I should have them selected or not, say C:\ for instance) and used the 4 line script with malware removal mode on in case. So I've attached the .zip. After rebooting again, and a few times just to see, everything seems to be back to normal-with regards to boots. KAV is still giving the basegui.ppl error, so I'll try a reinstall out of safe mode and see what that yields. Was it just the worst possible timing that the error started originally during a download process? That's what raised my suspicions all along. virusinfo_syscure.zip
  6. And I just realized I probably should've put this in Virus Related issues.
  7. Hi, I've been using Kaspersky AV 2012, since it released. Same PC and everything since then. Never had an issue with it ever. I was downloading a few product sheets earlier and during one of those few, the RunDLL window opened saying: "There was a problem starting basegui.ppl. The specified procedure could not be found." This now happens when clicking other various parts of the UI as well, say Support for instance. So I've tried a few things so far. 1) I've used the removal tool in safe mode and removed my specific version/make. Did not reboot-used removal tool again and selected remove all found products or whatever that option may be called. Rebooted. Reinstalled and updated. 2) Ran a Malwarebytes' full scan For #1, once I rebooted after the double removal and after installing, each time there is about a...10 second or longer black screen on my desktop-with only the taskbar visible or any open windows. #2 didn't yield any results. Malwarebytes' only picked up 3 trainer files for one of my STALKER series' games, which I've had for awhile. Removed it anyways. Honestly it's because of that black screen since during desktop on boot that has me worried-as running on a Vertex 3 it only takes around ~15 seconds total from the moment I push the power button to the time its ready to use. And due to the fact that the error started during a download. Looking in processes, I don't see anything out of the ordinary, but I guess there could be something in one of the svchosts.exe's. I tried to make a rescue disk, but when it started to udate it, the error popped up again. Honestly I'm at a lost, so I'd appreciate any help! And concerned nonetheless. I've attached the 'mbam' log from my scan and a GSI parse link ( http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...997dcd42933295a ) as well as its original text file. I'm about to start an AVZ scan as well and will post the results of that whenever it finishes, probably when I wake up. Should I try a KAV scan as well in safe mode, or is it likely corrupted? Again, thanks for any assistance! - Rob edit: clickable link. mbam_log_2012_05_13__21_12_58____3appear.txt GetSystemInfo_ROBERTSCOMPUTER_Rob_2012_05_13_21_19_26.zip
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