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  1. Has nobody a solution or an idea for this event? We have the same thing as Franz Schenk.
  2. Hat sich erledigt. Habe die Regeln neu erstellt und die Argumente etwas anders definiert.
  3. Close - i made my rules new with other arguments and then it worked.
  4. Should i activated this option: Move only computers not added to administration groups? All computers that are new in our domain, stay in unassigned computers and will not be moved into the administration group with my relocation rules...
  5. Befor the new Version we have installed Kaspersky new with the Version 8.0.2134, so all new functions should be avaible. The rules are definied like that: General: Run once for each computer, Rule is enabled Network: Compute with name: *-N / Domain: XY, all others are empty AD: All empty Application: All empty The rules i had enforced, but with no success.
  6. Wir haben Kaspersky recht neu auf einem neuen Server installiert und somit war vorrher die Version 8.0.2134 installiert. Danke für die rasche Antwort!
  7. Seit dem Update auf die neue Version habe ich Probleme bei der Host Relocation. Meine definierten Regeln funktionieren nicht mehr und die Computer werden nicht mehr automatisch verschoben. Bis jetzt konnte ich noch keine Details ausfindig machen, was genau an den Host Relocation geändert hat. Kann mir hier jemand weitere Informationen geben? Besten Dank! MraznacK
  8. Since our Administration Kit is updated to the new Version 8.0.2163 the computer relocation makes some problems. We have rules, that computers with the name *-N in our domain XY will moved into our group Notebooks. Now, these rules in the computer relocation dont work with the new Administration Kit. All new computers will be remaining in the unassigned computers. Do you have any ideas to solve this Problem? Thanks! RaznacK
  9. Many Thanks for your answers. Ok, i will wait until we migrate to windows 7 and then to use AppLocker to block these Softwares. Or for a new feauture in Kaspersky
  10. We would like to block some Software-Installations for our clients. For example iTunes or Firefox. Is there any possibility for doing this with Kaspersky? I know its possible with McAffee, but dont know how it works with Kaspersky. Thanks in Advance. RaznacK
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