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  1. Admin kit 8 / KAV WS I have 2 active licenses added to repository, with “ Automatically install " enabled Which one will be automatically installed ? Thank You
  2. My company wants to buy Total Space Security and I need to know if Kaspersky Anti-Spam could be integrated with amavisd and if it works with Spamassasin.
  3. Anyway, I think that the following answers are correct: 1. on client machines, the update task should work if those ports are opened: TCP 13000 (13001) and / (or ?) 14000 (14001) 2. on server: TCP 14000 and TCP 139, 445; UDP 137, 138 are just for the first, remote installation of Network Agent on client side. is correct ?
  4. Hi, 1. I have some problems in understanding the process of updating the client stations. For a normal connection, with Admin Kit as the default source, wich ports are direct responsible to update task on the client machine ? - 13000 and/ or 14000 TCP; - 139, 445 TCP plus 137, 138 UDP; - 15001 UDP. I found some articles on your website, but aren't so explicit for me to understand them. (http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208280717) 2. If is a firewall between a client and the Admin Server wich allow only connections initiated from the client’s side, what actions could be initiated from Admin Kit ? Scan task, maybe ? Thank you in advance
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