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  1. I wish it was not all the time. More information from me playing around with it for the past several hours ( like 3 or 4 hours): Running kavmm -u (some other switches) also cause this error. Start up in safemode, installed KAV 5 and got the same error with MINUAL running. Defraged and clean'd up the computer. No help. I just am lost where to go from here. Using Domain logins, I will get the error on boot up with the login box up on the screen. So not sure what is going on.
  2. Exact error is as follows: Unhanded exception 0xC0000005 occured at address 0x789C8672 on thread 0x00000558 in process 552. Every time the service is started and KAV just dies off. (sighs)
  3. I've had a similar error as noted below: Unhanded Exception Error Running .225 or .228 KAV 5 for workstations, I've run into a bit of a problem with this error. It happens when you first attempt to start KAV either from startup or after a fresh install. Running on a Dell PVI with Windows XP Professional SP2. So far nothning in the thread has helped me solve this issue. Restarting the computer or trying to use admin kit just fails to start the AV. (sighs)
  4. (grins) just restart the computer on them! heh. Seriously though, there might be a way to run some kind of VB script to start the program at a certain time depending on network setup. I haven't any options in the program though. =\
  5. Anyone know a good way to track down what process KAV is scanning during this program usage when doing these reports?
  6. here's the log. grr. it was working with the previous end year report but now other reports don't run. oddly enough, the program when looking in Task Manager (on Processes Tab) shows to be working while on the Application Tab it shows "Not Responding". Although, if i stop KAV, the reports will immediately print out. All i can figure is the program is calling either a device driver or another exe which is causing KAV to eat CPU cycles. sysinfo.txt
  7. Yea, i do as well. the traffic is unicast so routers will route it easily. just make sure you can ping the subnet and have full connectivity.
  8. well, now, i swear i tried it. I added the exe for the program up as a trusted process and click the check box not to monitor activity. Seems to work but anyway to do the from the admin kit without having to install the program on the server? So far I have not seen anything. =\
  9. lol. I always screw that website address up. it should have an 's' at the end. Anyway, I believe i tried that. I don't like the way you have to exclude any program from realtime scanning. You have INSTALL the program on the server to exclude it from the list. You cannot just add the exe or files to the scanner. At least I couldn't find a way. Thanks for replies. I'll post the log file soon. =)
  10. Currently, Running KAV .227 with Admin Kit. I have one slight probably that I have been asked repeatly -- even told to "find another AV" on the user side of things. On a few computers, they run RezOvations (www.rezovations.com) to manage a bed and breakfast and some villas. They run reports from the program. From my testing, when running some of the yearly reports (these will run around five reports one after another and print them out) and other large reports, KAV runs around 80% CPU Usage with the program at 20%. As soon as I stop KAV, the program hits 100% usage. So far, i'm unable to get KAV not to monitor the calls the program makes for the Real-time protection. Any ideas?
  11. I can run this scan in Safemode on this computer (but all the other computers, I can run in normal mode). I have no idea what is going on. Flamus Diu-Temperomentis
  12. It is checked for both e-mail options to exclude. Flamus Diu-Temperomentis
  13. Umm...Don't think I did actually. How would I know or set it to exclude them? Edit: btw, the On-Demand Scanner is not set up to scan Email format files or databases. Flamus Diu-Temperomentis
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