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  1. The new key should show as an additional key on the workstations until the active key expires. Otherwise just create a deployment task to roll out the key straightaway.
  2. We too noticed this in our test lab before migration. We're successfully running most clients on Endpoint 8 except the Windows 8 ones that require Endpoint 10. Kaspersky has proven to be better than Sophos however the policies do need to be finely tuned.
  3. KSC - v10 Endpoint - License: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select UK Edition: Kaspersky Security for WS and FS Thanks
  4. Hi, We've had a laptop stolen however it's still reporting back to the Security Center by external IP address. We need to generate a report of all the external IP addresses that it's been using for it's internet connection. I can see the current IP address in the console but can't find a historic report to show all addresses. Is there one, or is there a task I can create to allow future logging so we have some better evidence to present to the police? Thanks Brian
  5. Just as a side note, I've raised a support request regarding this and was told SBS 2012 wasn't supported so end of conversation. I've actually got this configuration setup on a number of clients with no problems, so I'm not exactly convinced with that answer, unless there's a new Windows update or similar that's broken the installation.
  6. Hi, On SBS 2012 Essentials server, trying to install KSC 10 but receiving an error that 0x800708C5 - Unable to reset this user's password - Does not meet the Complexity requirements I've tried disabling all group policy password requirements, created a new user account to use for KSC rather then the default KL-xxxxx user. I've now successfully installed KSC on this server but unable to perform an update to 10 as it's producing the same error. I need to update as I believe I'm unable to manage Endpoint v10 with the version of KCS now installed.
  7. I have the same problem with new key: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select UK Edition. 250-499 Node 1 year Renewal License: Kaspersky Security for WS and FS I have added this key to Security Center 10.0.3361 and rolled out to workstations with installed. The workstations accept the key and show new expiry date but the license usage on the server does not increase. I have upgraded some workstations to and redeployed the key but still not reporting. Looks like my only option is to update to however I have 250 workstations to roll out and all across the Internet (none locally) Any suggestions?????
  8. Still no joy in getting V6 to talk back. Tried upgrading them to v6.0.4.1611 but that didn't make any difference. So bit the bullet and started to roll out which is really not our preferred solution but am pushed in a corner.
  9. Ok, I've noticed I needed to remove the old v8 application control plugin and install a newer one. I appeared to have missed the small print on that knowledgebase article - now to get v6 reporting back correctly.
  10. I can see numerous postings relating to this and similar issues. I've read through them all but they all but they appear to contradict each other. We have renewed one customer onto Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select UK Edition. They have 5 sites that are not linked, so have 5 installations of Security Centre mixture of 8.0.2163, 9.2.69 and 10.0.3361 Workstations are running and I’ll added the license in Security Centre, deployed to workstations but the license count doesn’t talk back to the SC. I’ve tried upgrading some v6 workstations to and checked that the ones with have the ‘B’ update which they do, but they still don’t report back. Checking the workstation licenses on the machine and they are registering the new license and new expiry date just not reporting back to the SC. I started rolling out Endpoint 10 to the workstations but had some issues that I need to resolve first, and not all machines are man enough for it anyway so would like to keep them on the older versions for a while. I'm tempted to sent the license back and just get Enterprise Space ones again as I know they work ok.
  11. We have a customer using Security Center 9 and Endpoint Protection 8. They have recenty installed a Draytek 2920 Router. We noticed that when we turned on the Draytek Web Content Filter the PC's running Kappersky do not display the default Draytek administrator message to users that have had the Web content selection blocked, instead they receive the default page not displayed message. The only way to get the message to appear is to disable both of the Web Control and Web Anti-Virus policies. I've tried disabling one at a time and all combinations but both do need to be disabled. Does anyone have any suggestions to resolving this? Spoken to Draytek and they confirmed it's an issue with Draytek's & Kaspersky but don't have a solution. Sorry if it's already been answered however I've tried searching this forum but it doesn't want to search! Thanks Brian
  12. Thanks for your assistance. I'm sure we had trouble installing AV before Network agent but we'll give it another test. Brian
  13. Thank you for your update. To clarify our setup: Customer 1 has an Administration Kit installed on their server. They want to add a remote computer to their admin server but don't want to use their slower broadband to upload the file to the remote computer. We have packaged the installation file and put it on our ftp site and they download it from there, install and it connects to their administration kit fine. Customer 2 has the same request. We follow the same procedure as customer 1 and all ok. Now we have 2 files on our ftp site, each 100mb To save FTP space, we would like to only upload the Network agents which are only about 15mb to the ftp server, point them to a common anti-virus package to download a 'template' anti-virus program, then they connect to their own administration kit to get policies, license information etc. Currently if we only install the network agent then the remote computer will try and download the Antivirus software from Customer1, Customer2 etc. These sites have slower broadband than our FTP site and takes too long to install. We would like to tell the network agent where to get the 1st download from. We will eventually have 20 clients with their own administration kits installed, and will quickly fill our FTP site and also make it difficult to manage with software updates etc. Thanks
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