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  1. Alls working just fine now here in Weashington State. Just got done downloading a massive update in about 5 minutes. This is the first time in a few years of having KIS that I can remember having this problem. I'm glad they fixed it promptly, thanks!
  2. Yeah, I'm running it on 3 machines. It's not working on a Laptop with Windows 7 64 bit, Desktop running Windows 7 64 bit, and a Desktop running XP SP3.
  3. I really hate to be a nuisance but can we please have an update to what Kaspersky is doing to resolve the problem? I updated to KIS 2011 because of this problem and as it turns out.. now I have an obsolete database and haven't gotten any updates since "11/17/10". I will not be working until this is fixed so it would be nice to get an hourly (hopefully it wont even take much longer) as to what is going on. Thank you so much in advance.
  4. Having the same exact problem. I had not updated to KIS 2011 so I thought that may have been the problem, so I updated. I was meaning to do it anyway but it's still not working. Found this thread and I'm getting the same exact problems that everyone in here is talking about. I'm in Washington state, btw.
  5. I had not logged into my account for a while now and today received an email that I had a PM. The following is said PM: lauren44 hi, Today, 06:56 Newbie Group: Members Posts: 0 Member No.: 270879 Joined: Today, 05:46 Здравствуйте, дорогие Меня зовут Лорен, молодая девушка, я прочитал о тебе в этом месте на kaspersky.com и я решил связаться с вами, и он будет доставить мне удовольствие, если вы будете моим другом, я хотел, если вы ответите на мой почтовый ящик так что я буду говорить вам о моей себя, я надеюсь услышать от вас, Ваш Lauren. Вот мой личный адрес электронной почты (lauren_lauren0044@yahoo.in) Hello dear My name is Lauren, a young girl, i read about you in this site at kaspersky.com and i decide to communicate with you and it will please me if you will be my friend, i wish if you will respond to my mail box so that i will tell you more about my self, i hope to hear from you, yours Lauren. Here is my private email address ~ Obviously, this is spam. I just thought you all would like to know in case you get the same message, and so that Kaspersky and it's moderators could take action. Thank you all. edit: del email.
  6. Afternoon all, I recently purchased a new laptop and received it yesterday. I was very eager to install KIS on it. I have a 3 machine license and figured it would be pretty simple and straight-forward. The laptop is brand new and has got Windows 7 (64-bit) so the newest version worked like a charm. Activating was also very simple. Everything was rainbows and sunshine until I noticed something a little odd... The date on my brand new laptop was 1 day ahead. So here I go, changing it to the correct time. In fact, I just synced it with internet time and it successfully changed it to the correct time. Unfortunately, as soon as it got done doing that Kaspersky alerted me and said that my activation was not valid due to some activation date. Everything was fine, but now, with the change in date.. Kaspersky was not protecting this computer, no matter how many times I tried re-activating with the same code as before. I tried everything from, quadruple checking the time on my computer (as they told me to do), to quadruple checking that the activation code was correct (capitalization). I even copied and pasted the code, nothing. So I come here and search for the problem. It seems it's sort of common and the only way it was supposed to be fixable was to contact Kaspersky Support and have them send you a new activation code. I emailed Kaspersky last night, told them all about it. Got an email this morning from a technician, basically telling me that they're very busy and gave me a canned response on how to fix common problems. I emailed him back telling him that I would need a new activation code, mentioning this forum. A couple minutes later, I decided I would give it another shot. Maybe with the date change (from yesterday to today) it might have triggered something to make it work. Well, it did. It activated KIS on my new laptop and it is fully functional now. Whether it was the date changing today, or whether it was just a simple bug that needed a day to fix itself, I don't know. All I know is that it is working now, all I had to do was wait a day. One thing that has me a little concerned is that the expiration date on my new laptop says it expires on January 5 2013. The expiration on my old machine has always said December 21, 2012. I guess since I activated my second license on the laptop a few days later, they're giving me an extra few days on it? That'll work! :b_lol1: I hope this helps anyone that was in my situation. Have a nice day.
  7. Thanks for the response! I'm going to renew right now, as this was my only concern.
  8. Kaspersky is offering me some kind of deal to renew my license and I'm thinking of renewing for 3 years. Here are my questions: I will be buying a new computer in the near future. My plan is to keep this computer with family in a different state that I stay with for part of the year, and having a computer there to work on will make things so much easier for me. So, how does all that work with the whole, "Commercial for 3 computers" thing? I know that once I get my new computer, all I need is some kind of key and I will be able to install the Kaspersky stuff on the new machine. How about this computer, will everything run and update as usual even though it's in a different state? Thank you in advance.
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