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  1. Hallo, yes I was a long time not in the forum, but I am back I see that in the AOL version is just the file antivirus and the mail antivirus. Maybe a promotion by kaspersky
  2. What do you think about it? At 1st: AOL and Kaspersky makes agree, that AOL can \\"sell for free\\" to all users over the world kaspersky antivirus engine under his own name - Active Virus Shield [AVS] with daily updates from kaspersky servers... At 2nd: AVS is gr8 and very powerfull antivirus, which has online shield + virus scanner + mail scanner. So I think that it's really cool stuff for everyone with daily updates. At 3rd: Just look at this soft here: Code: http://www.activevirusshield.com/ Download for free setup, after install register for free (just put your e-mail, nothing more) on their page - you'll receive your code which you put in AVS Antivirus. That's al ????????????????????? Should kaspersky run under other names? and be for free like avg?
  3. It seems that if it's more complex it's better. I think there are several operations needed to find out that something is a possible thread risk/virus.
  4. So I can install suse over the xp? But then I have to install also other programs for linux (office etc.)- this would be twice more programs on the computer. How does that affect to effectiveness of the pc?
  5. Hmmm... you must have more than one pc so you can have the suse installed and running the KIS/KAV software. I don't know what to do, to have the suse installed- will be safe, or to have the xp - I'm used to it
  6. Thnx lucianbara. I knew you will reply to this topic because I found today on the search of this forum you mention somewhere this system. I thought all the applications like office or other would work. Hmmm, detriment. This would be good because on the www.chip.de they wrote itis the safest (best) system.
  7. Have you tried it? How is it? So if I understand you good if I install it then I cannot use KIS6? Maybe just KAV6?Because I think the SUSE has already a firewall...
  8. No problem If you have training mode you manage your firewall at your own risk- you have to find out what is best for you, you can ad some applications to trusted zone if you think it is o.k. or make some rules for it.
  9. Those are my settings for explorer You can manage the settings for it under preset-windows explorer and you will automaticaly have the settings.
  10. I do not work with chat programs. Can you remember what rules did you have in beta versions? See what rules are in the antihacker for MS Messenger. When you get those notifications you can click on the message and disable those notifications.
  11. Maybe it will help you to disable all not important notifications: go settings, service, on notifications settings, unclick all not important notifications.
  12. Seems like KAspersky is working on that. http://www.kaspersky.com/news?id=149767526 Maybe some informations from Kaspersky developers?
  13. I know about that, that doesn't answer my question. The question is not about KIS 6 - that is good and it works fine and smooth. I wanna know about the SUse Linux OS- compatibility, effectiveness, what is better- to have KIS installed on that OS or not...
  14. Hy! I noted on internet (www.chip.de) that there is an operating system that is a combination of linux and xp- Suse Linux. There I can also use the programs I use now in xp. There is a protection package with firewall, antivir, spamassasin and novell apparmor! Have someone experiance with it? I also wonder how secure is it (how good is it?)? Is Kaspersky there still needed? Which security package is better?
  15. oops, I wasn't two days on the forum and don't have latest informations Thanx lucianbara
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