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  1. Yes am still getting bsod on shutdown and PC is still very slow doing certain tasks. Thank you for the link, will contact them today as my license is up for renewal in 7 days and if it doesn't improve I'll remove KIS and go with something else
  2. Oh yes sorry I read about it yday after posting (asking) it must be the recovery software put on here by HP so yes its still on PC have no intention of taking that off
  3. Hi Thank you for your reply well I thought that worked (tyvm its now saying driver 5.674.... is installed) but my GIS report is saying it still needs updating I can't work out how to post a screen shot from photobucket I had 437 files, it will only let me delete 426 its saying "prog in use" when I get to "Perflib_Perfdata_26c" and "klsD701.tmp" there are 11 of those similarly named files left Again can't post screenshot GIS report here I'm getting a bit tired now as I've been on this problem most of the day so maybe I am doing something wrong?
  4. Hi I have tried updating the driver via device manager/driver update (no luck - said it already had latest version). I then tried putting the downloaded zip file/folder into the realtek prog files. Am not sure if that worked. I uninstalled previous version by the uninstall wizard not "add/remove" programme/control panel How can I tell if my driver has indeed updated??
  5. Yes I did try that first of all but it said windows could not find a more updated driver I cleared windows temp folder using CC Cleaner which said all temp folders were clear.
  6. Thank you for the reply, I wasn't sure what to do so I grabbed the file from Realtek, unzipped it into the Realtek prog files. Nothing seemed to happen so how do I know if it has worked? Sorry for being so dumb, complete novice at this
  7. Hi I have recently upgraded from KIS 2009 to KIS 2012 using the uninstall wizard (only checking to keep activation code). Since upgrade my PC has been giving me a blue screen of death on shut down and is running really slow on most tasks i.e. when right click My Computer >> properties etc. I couldn't even get it to clean up temp files that way, had to use CC Cleaner. I am using Windows XP Professional v2002 with SP3 (all updates up to date) No separate firewall, anti-trojan, anti-spyware, or backup software, I do use CC Cleaner. GSI log here: GSI log I am a bit of a novice so any help would be muchly appreciated thanks in advance
  8. Its not the rootkit scan now, its the update well, it was the update on 2010, was taking up to 1 hour to update and using upto 93% CPU. Have gone back to 2009 and so far *touches wood* I am not having any problems. Time will obviously tell
  9. I dont have 2009 on this pc anymore, do you know where/how I can get it pls? I'm at my wits end, I'll try anything. To be honest, I have been using KAV for years (since 2004) but I only just this year upgraded to KIS and not just the AV package. I wish I had never upgraded
  10. Hi, sorry to bring this up again but I am still having major probs but its getting worse now. The update is taking nearly 1 hour to complete and the PC is unusable during that time I have been on contact with support every single day but absolutley nothing is happening. Here is things I have done I can't help feel I am going round and round in circles but the problem I have now is that I am actually losing work which I just cannot afford to do in this day and age? Does anyone know what else could be wrong or what I can do to get some support/help before I lose my job completely? Many thanks in advance for any help, it will be very much appreciated
  11. Okay, thanks very much for letting me know, much appreciated, looks like I'm going to have another frustrating day today then
  12. Please can somebody help me with this? I've just had to reboot 3 times because of KIS root kit scanning and an update Its unbearable - please can somebody help? I've had no response whatosever from Support even though I sent my ticket 4 or 5 hours ago :( Please somebody???? :dash1:
  13. Here is the get system info file GetSystemInfo_HSS_8548FD8A390_Administrator_2009_11_04_13_08_37.zip
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