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  1. Hi guys! I don't know if it's been asked before but I am curious about the recently discovered Lojax UEFI virus. Are KL users safe from it? Thank you for all the answers you can give me
  2. Hi Wesly! After some experimentation I've come up with a solution to the problem. I'll post it so that other Cheathappens users can do the same if they encounter this problem. 1. KIS was showing the 'dangerous website' alert so I've added it to WebAV exclusions/trusted zone 2. It appears some executable files downloaded from the website create temporary files too. After a few tries I've pinpointed that KIS blocks both those temporary files and the executables themselves. Luckily, after each of the runs the program created the exact same temporary file that was being blocked e.g. same name/size etc. After discovering this I just added the temporary file to exclusions and put the executable to a folder that I've excluded from scans earlier. That's it. The programs are allowed to run normally I haven't checked Windows Defender though but I think that the exact same procedure is needed too I apologize if my solution sounds a bit complex Thank you for all the replies!
  3. Hi guys! I have a strange problem with KIS 2018. It blocks downloading and running of certain files from a website. I have tried adding the website to the trusted zone and that allowed me to download the file but when I tried to run it KIS automatically stopped and removed it with HEUR:Trojan.generic warning. I've also tried putting the file to a trusted folder and running it from there, switching KIS from auto to manual and as a last resort pausing KIS (but then Windows Defender did the same thing and deleted the file. The website is http://www.cheathappens.com and only some of the files from there are outright blocked from executing. What can I do to stop KIS from blocking the execution of files from this website? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. UPDATE: As it turned out, my version of MBAM was 2.1 something. On a hunch I checked the website and downloaded MBAM 3.1, uninstalled and reinstalled the new version. Now updates tab reports them as current. Let's hope the issue is resolved. What is really weird though I haven't been notified that there is a newer version of MBAM......
  5. Hey guys! I've been using both KIS 17 (patch E) and Malwarebytes Anti Malware for some time now. Both programs coexist peacefully with each other. Recently though I've noticed that MBAM stopped updating databases automatically while KIS does it normally. Any ideas what may be the cause of it? I don't think it's a problem of KIS blocking MBAM because I can manually update databases just fine. Thanks
  6. I use KIS 17 and MBAM, both have realtime protection enabled and haven't had any problems
  7. Hello everyone! As in the topic. Should the two be used together or either or? Thank you
  8. Thanks richbuff! The scan I did after turning the "other programs" in Threats and exclusions didn't detect anything suspicious. As for any toolbars I have none thankfully I am inclined to think that something was caught in the browser's cache and then disappeared after I did a browser reset
  9. Hi folks! As in the topic. I had a very weird experience today. My browser (Google Chrome 55.0) started randomly redirecting me to suspicious sites (most of tem with .xyz extension although none of them were porn sites. Just some fake "You've won a prize" etc etc etc stuff) Thinking it may be a virus I've performed scans with both MBAM and KIS 2017 (both up to date) and aside from some game trainers that MBAM flagged as malware (CheatTool) no malware was detected. I've also performed a scan with both TDSSKiller and ADWCleaner. TDSS didn't detect anything but ADWCleaner detected and deleted something called C:\END Despite the scans my browser kept redirecting me (both during page load and when I tried to click on links) so I performed a browser reset and (knock on wood) it stopped happening. Can someone tell me what I can turn on in KIS 2017 to prevent future hijack attempts? I have Incognito Surfing enabled for instance I am generating a GSI report. Will include it as soon as it finishes. Apparently I can't upload it here because it's too large Thank you
  10. Hello! I've upgraded to KIS 2017 today. Everything works smoothly. I especially like the Kaspersky Secure Connection module. I'm testing the limited version before I take the plunge into the unlimited version. My question is asked in the topic description. Basically, are there any plans to release KSC apps for iOS or Android devices?? Thank you
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