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  1. I would never, ever recommend purposefully infecting your network to prove a point. Nope, sure wouldn't do it. Not ever. Not this guy. Seriously though, your boss has no business doing anything IT related (or even being 30 feet within any computer) if this is true.
  2. You might want to try disabling Device Control if you haven't already. Chances are that's causing the issue as either disabling the drive is enabled in your policy, or there's bug in either the client or the controller drivers that doesn't jive.
  3. You probably have "Disable external management of the system service" enabled under your policy. Go to your policy and then scroll down to Advanced Settings -> Application Settings, uncheck the box, and reapply the policy. I say this assuming you're using Admin Kit 9.
  4. Your best bet is to add the entire directory/directories the Siemens program is stored in into your Exceptions list. The Trusted Applications/Exceptions list will be in the File Anti-virus portion of your policy. From there you can add and remove exceptions as needed and set rules for how Kaspersky does or does not interact with the application.
  5. I would recommend uninstalling the old version first with a separate task. In my case the issue happened after I had uninstalled and the folder didn't clear out.
  6. I resolved the issue. You have to delete the Kaspersky Labs folder in your Program Files (or Program Files x86 if running 64-bit) directory and restart the installation. Make sure any Kaspersky products are uninstalled from the computer first before you do it though.
  7. I'm having the same issue. I created a completely new server and install for Admin Kit 9, and imported the old settings from the old one. A few things I've noticed. 1. If the new network agent isn't already installed, it will hang every time unless you uncheck "Use Network Agent" for uploading the package install over the network. Even if you have the other two options checked, it never seems to fail over to those when connecting via the Network Agent doesn't work. 2. After the network agent is successfully installed, the installation of the new KAV 8.1 client will not start and hang if 6.0 MP4 is still present on the unit. The old clients are password protected, so if I had a hunch that this problem would be that the install task does not include the option to enter the uninstall password and thusly remove it when it needs to. An install log file is not generated locally on the machine before or after the task is stopped. (I say that according to log location based off of this article - http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208285288) 3. If I manually uninstall KAV 6.0, or do so via a separate task through the Admin Kit and reboot, the client installation will then start. At this point it's about a 25/75 chance that the install will complete successfully, or it will hang at 66% saying it's still installing (it's not just taking a while, I've left jobs to run for hours). Oddly enough, an install log still isn't generated (no kl-etc files or MSI*.log files).
  8. I attached the install log if that helps. kl_setup_2011_11_03_11_04_27.log
  9. I'm getting this same error. Uninstalling KAV 6 first didn't help. Unfortunately the error doesn't specify what folder it is for me to clear. Any suggestions?
  10. This is probably a silly question, but what's the difference between KAV Server 6.0 R2 MP4 and KAV Server Enterprise Edition other than Enterprise Edition being a newer version? Just curious because I'm going to be doing a large server deployment soon and I'd prefer to use the newer Enterprise Edition unless that has a specified purpose.
  11. I've been curious about this too. It's difficult to have to remote into the user's computer to do this (interrupts their workflow, may be a PC that's not one I can easily remote into like the CEO's unit).
  12. Its also possible that the PCs that take longer have more content requiring scanning stored on them, and that they could also be scanning a lot of archives (zip and rar files for example) if you have archive scanning enabled. It could also be they have a lot of programs running, or the computers could require a reboot and possibly maintenance (e.g. temp file cleanup).
  13. .....or not because that thread just disappeared.
  14. Looks like AutoPatch F is in testing to resolve these issues, amongst others. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=205238
  15. I was clearing the event logs and all of them are cleared except for some informational events from a specific computer four months ago (even though they're set to auto delete after 30 days). When I attempt to delete them they either don't remove themselves, or reappear shortly after. I'm currently running Admin Kit 8.0.2134. Any ideas?
  16. If it's set to get them on your administration console (and it is recommended that you do), then yes. Note that these are patches and module updates, not actual client version updates. Those still have to be done manually, though there hasn't been one for a while.
  17. There was likely a client/module update that went through and they need to be rebooted to apply it. Normal behavior.
  18. Unfortunately I'm still not able to get it working after adding all of these exceptions and trusted app listings that you mentioned. It still blocks internet access, even with the exceptions turned on and all of the protection components disabled. It seems to be blocking Sprint's ability to grab DNS for some reason. Doing an IP config shows the DNS field blank. Flushing and grabbing DNS doesn't work. That would explain why it works through a VPN since it uses the DNS provided in the VPN connection instead. If anyone from Kaspersky is reading this, are there any plans to fix this issue with MP4 CF1?
  19. So far my only fix is to just uninstall Kaspersky. :\
  20. I haven't seen the issue with the group tasks occur. I'm currently only having this issue on one laptop at the moment. We have several others that connect with a Sprint card and work fine, with varying versions of the software (most of them have the newest one, as does the problem child). One thing that might differ is the model of the cellular card. The one she received is their newest 4G model (I don't remember it off of the top of my head and the owner isn't here today for me to check). I wonder if that may have something to do with it. Perhaps Kaspersky doesn't like something with that model in terms of how it connects and interfaces with the Sprint software?
  21. Yeah, it does seem really strange. I added exceptions for anything and everything Sprint related, and the issue also still occurs even if all the protection components are disabled, essentially leaving the client open but not monitoring anything.
  22. I've been having the same problem with one of our laptops that uses a Sprint Card to connect to the internet off site. If you VPN into our network after you connect, it works fine. Without the VPN, no internet. Additionally, if you connect to the internet with your card, turn off the Kaspersky protection and turn it back on, it works fine for the session that you're connected. If you disable all Kaspersky protection first and then connect, the internet still doesn't work. There's something going on at the service level it seems. I posted a thread about this a few weeks ago but I didn't get any responses. It's good (sort of ) to see someone else having the same problem so I know it's not just me.
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