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  1. Okay, bought KTS from Amazon, arrived this morning, just a card with activation code on. My existing license doesn't expite until end of November, do I wait until then before entering new code as it says on the card "The license period starts when you activate the product on the first PC" Or will it wait until my license expires at end of the month if I enter it now?
  2. Thanks for the reply Berny, is this even though I don't buy a renewal code from Kaspersky but buy a new KTS complete and just use the code that comes with it?
  3. My KTS is due for renewal, however the renewal price is far dearer than buying KTS new. Is there a problem with buying new and just using the licence code to renew my exisitng KTS or would this mean a complete reinstall of KTS?
  4. Hmmm, strange, I still get warning even after database update and it checks out okay with virus desk. Will try again after next database update, can't think what else to try. Thanks for the heads up anyway.
  5. Thanks for the update tarasd, it has solved all my banks except Halifax website, getting same notification except the reason is Heuristic Analysis
  6. @ tarasd, if you get a fix from Tech Support perhaps you could post on here. It is shame no one from Tech Support answers questions on this forum, with all respect to Indio, most posts end up being told to refer to Tech Support. @ Indio I tried all your suggestions above with no change. It would seem Kaspersky Web Anti Virus is wrongly flagging up these bank websites as phishing URLs by error, perhaps an update will fix this? @Indio
  7. I have added the bank websites to my Trusted URLs but they still flag up notifications even though I can log on okay. Surely adding these websites to the exclusion list is not fixing the problem and just a workaround. Why are these bank websites being flaged up as listed in database of phishing URLs?
  8. I am getting this "Threat of Data Loss" and "Dangerous URL blocked" on some of my banking websites, but not all of them. Reason: URL listed in database of phishing URLs. I can still log on, but why am I getting these warnings now, nothing has changed as far as I know? I am using latest Firefox 61.0.1
  9. Why is it whenever Kaspersky bring out an update they screw something up... One of my files was still backing up after 12 hours, it used to take an hour or so before... If no fix will have to look for another backup program....
  10. Yesterday I updated KTS to (a) and have noticed that backing up my existing files in Backup & Restore takes forever.. some files used to backup in less than a couple of minutes now takes 20 minutes.. What has changed in Backup & restore to cause this?
  11. It does work, it wasn't made very clear that you have to import it into Authorities not certificates, you then get the 3 check boxes mentioned. I have done it and undid the exclusion that I mentioned above, strange that two Tech Support Engineers gave different solutions, although both work for the time being.
  12. Thanks Richbuff, it appears I do have the patch (c) I'll contact Tech Support but in the meantime I have decided to disable Kaspersky notifications in Windows 10 Action Centre for the time being.
  13. I have no idea really avgold, but I thought it was just switching network activity for the Thunderbird Application and therefore also certificate authorisation and as email scanning is still on it would be okay? But then again I maybe wrong, so perhaps see if a fix comes out and switch network activity back on?
  14. I had this fix from Tech Support and it seems to work…………. Let's create an exclusion from within Kaspersky, so as not to scan network activity for Thunderbird. To do so, please follow the steps below: 1. Open the main Kaspersky window, if the main window of Kaspersky application is not on your desktop, bring it up by double-clicking the Kaspersky desktop shortcut (icon) or by double clicking on the Kaspersky icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. 2. Click on the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of the Kaspersky window. 3. On the left side menu select 'Protection'. 4. On the right side menu select 'Application Control'. 5. Click on 'Manage applications'. 6. In the list of installed applications: - Find Mozilla and expand it by clicking on the small arrow to the left. - Select 'Thunderbird' and right-click on it (if you do not find Thunderbird in the list, please start Thunderbird and it will appear). - Select 'Details and rules'. - Select 'Exclusions'. - From the six checkboxes you see here, check the option 'Do not scan all traffic'. Restart your computer and check if the issues persists.
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