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  1. Thanks, that does work to get the application added, but only works for that one workstation. I need to be able to add it to the Host Intrusion system on the MES policy on the server side. Thanks Charlie
  2. On every KES install I've ever done there's one avp.exe process running as SYSTEM and one running as the logged in user, but really that doesn't matter. Kaspersky is definitely the cause of these applications not operating properly because when I disable KES they all run fine and the cameras work. Adding them to the exclusion worked for one user but not others. If that really is because %userprofile% is an unsupported variable then that's fine, tell me how I can either exclude these programs correctly or get them added to the Trusted list on the Host Intrusion Prevention (preferable option).
  3. As I have already stated in this thread and as you should already be able to see from the policy I attached earlier, the setting to "Gather information about applications that are started on user computers" is already enabled. The issue is that it is not working fully as the applications in question are not showing up on the KSC for inclusion in the Host Intrusion Prevention module. Thanks.
  4. I can't add them to "Trusted" under the Host Intrusion Prevention section of the KES policy because the applications do not show up in the list. That was what I meant when I said I would like some help getting them to show up in the list of applications so that I can mark them as "Trusted". If I take the client machine out of the KSC policy and then open KES manually I'm able to see the app and can add them to Trusted and then everything works great. But I can't do that using the policy on the KSC. I need to be able to do it on the KSC as this will be an issue for multiple workstations. Thanks
  5. It's the same one I already posted in this thread.
  6. How will changing the default start time help when it's not working at all?
  7. I don't know why they aren't showing up. I'm hoping you can help.
  8. Sorry, but I have to re-open this issue. We have an additional user that has their camera blocked by Kaspersky in both Zoom and Skype for Business. We can not get them to work without turning off the Host Intrusion Prevention system even if we use the exclusion mentioned above. This is still using the same policies I posted earlier. If I disable the global policy above and then go to the client and manually set Zoom in the Host Intrusion Prevention system to "Trusted" then it works fine. But on the global policy Zoom does not show up under the applications even though I have the "About started applications" option enabled in the settings specified earlier in this thread. I think we need to work on getting Zoom and Skype for Business to show up in the list of applications in the Host Intrusion Prevention system so that I can add them to Trusted. Make sense? Thanks Charlie
  9. Enabling "Do not block interaction with the application interface" allowed the camera to work. Thanks.
  10. Can you be specific about where you want me to do that? I've added exclusions where I thought I should and it still didn't work. Thanks.
  11. The only thing that makes it work is turning off host intrusion prevention. Policy attached. kes11policy-nohost.klp
  12. I'm ready to work on this again. Were you able to review the policy I uploaded and see why the camera is being blocked in zoom?
  13. The policies I sent are the ones in use that do not work.
  14. I spoke too soon actually. The issue was only resolved on my test PC because I had manually set zoom.exe to Trusted after disabling the policy. When I re-enabled the policy it stayed in Trusted and worked. But when I tested on a different PC it still blocked the camera. I've attached the KES11 and Agent policy. agentpolicy.klp kes11policy.klp
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