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  1. HiYa Thank you for your answer. The product you recommend is 300% more expensive than we have already paid so we will not continue using Kaspersky until such time as the Android (only) product has the feature re-instated. I wish Kaspersky well in their business even though they have just lost ours.
  2. HiYa. Under "About" it says Kaspersky Internet Security Version These were purchased online as multi-devices. Looking again at your website; Security for Android is only available from the "Home" product list (the rest are Security Suites). We did not know that the Android Software is different for each category. If this is in fact correct, please can you send me a link to re-purchase the correct product for our phones. Thank you.
  3. We have been using KAV on our employees Android phones for many years. We have found the "locate" feature an invaluable tool for location tracking. After purchasing and installing (11.3) on all the work phones we are horrified to find that the “locate” feature has been removed and it has been replaced with “lock and locate”. For personal use this may seem OK but for business use this new version has removed the only feature that we really need. Now, if we want to locate someone, the employee needs to come back to the office so we can unlock his phone (only management know the unlock codes). On contact to Kaspersky for answers we were surprised that the support staff were confused over this. After a very lengthy hold we were told that the “lock and locate” would become separate in an update. My question is; when is this update due. If it is a few weeks then we can wait? If it takes longer then we will need to find an alternative product.
  4. Thanx for your response, although I have no faith in that comment - we were promised a Beta late last year and we're still waiting for it. I am sure a lot of member are wondering why Kaspersky is the last in this regard. Has it been a Microsoft Patent issue or does the demand in Russia not justify the need for AntiSpam products? My apologies if I sound as if I am poking here but it has been very frustrating while still trying to keep loyal to Kaspersky products. I am thinking that your statement about it being available in summer actually means our winter (Southern hemisphere) which is good - it is starting to snow. Thank you.
  5. :angry: We have been waiting in anticipation for an AntiSpam solution for Exchange 2007 for a long time now. I am sorry, but the Kaspersky recommended solution of installing a Linux or equivalent gateway is not a professional nor a cost-effective solution. We have deployed 7 new customers this week with SBS2008/Exchange2007 using "alternative" Security products because Kaspersky cannot "come to the party" with any AntiSpam solution. Our top choices have been Symantec and Trend. If Kaspersky chooses to continue ignore this issue then we, as resellers, cannot continue to recommend a Kaspersky solution. We have sent many an Email and made many phone calls but Kaspersky remains absolutely SILENT - we have come to our own conclusion that if a customer is to deploy Exchange 2007 within their organisation that Kaspersky products will no fit. Although current Kaspersky products are rated by us as "top notch" it is this significant flaw that is going to have a negative impact on Kaspersky’s ranking - especially when we are rolling out predominantly Exchange 2007 solutions to small and medium sized business. Kaspersky - if you don't do something within the next couple of weeks then I am afraid we have no choice other than to scrap you altogether.
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