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  1. Hello, Win XP Home SP3, KIS 2010 I've had files sitting in Quarantine for a few weeks (KIS found during scan, that I had guessed might be false positives, today the report in qurantine now shows "clean" as status. I'm assuming they've been moved back, & I don't need to do anything. Just checking. Thanks.
  2. Thank you as always for the incredibly fast response here. I appreciate that info too. Do I need to restore it to send it or I can just send it as it stand now listed as deleted.
  3. Hello again. Using Desktop PC with Win XP - Home Ed - Serv Pk 3 KIS 2010 While doing Full Scan today, alert that KIS found Trojan-Downloader.win32.agent.dotl (Object - C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpofxs08.exe) Alerted to fact that it could not disinfect, and recommended action was to delete. --- Which I did. All green again, and scan continued. Since I did the recommended action of delete - and I'm still unclear on this -- does it delete the object file or the trojan that was on the object. I understand the trojan has been taken care of by KIS, but a while back I had a false positive upon rootscan detection, on MSWorks, and it was suggested here that it might be false posiitve and send to lab, and it was. Screen shots of empty active threats below as well as the deleted threats tab screenshot. Thanks.
  4. Hello - re-visiting this because I've been getting Internet Explorer Script Errors, and mentions Verizon. Was wondering if it is possibly because I blocked that file that KIS warned me as suspicious that I listed above. The Internet Explorer message script error message appears with do I want to continue running script y/n. Usually mentions Verizon, (See screenshot of one below) Appears sometimes when closing the MSN software after I close out from going on line, but also appeared today while I was idle on an email message I was writing, but left the room for a while. Has been doing it for a few days now, and since it hadn't happened before I'm thinking it's tied into this. Using KIS 2010 -- Windows XP, serv pack 3 -- IE7. (never upgraded to IE 8 because of the bugs at the time). Any clue if the script error is connected to the file I blocked upon KIS warning? I've got a screen shot of one that I noticed was on the screen way after closing out of MSN software & being online. Thanks as always - (still learning!)
  5. Just chiming in -- I've actually figured out, that in my threats detected total count on the main screen right margin, the total count goes up by the exact number of events listed in the log that KIS has taken care of that I've left in there. I have 41 events in the log (deleted , absent, etc... that KIS took care of) No active threats, and all the counts on virus, trojans, malicious tools, adware, riskware on the main KIS count screen all stayed what they were with their respective counts, while it was just total count detected is going up exactly by what the number of events taken care of in the log. A few days ago it was at 90, yesterday it was at 131, today it is at 172 - all by counts of 41.
  6. Hi Whizard, I was wondering if I should have blocked the exb.exe application or not that KIS popped up & waraned was a suspicious application . Not noticing any functionality probs due to it thus far though. Seems to be something from our Internet provider Verizon from what I can gather from system watch tab on KIS. Verizon_Installer\Setup\MotiveClient.AXB.EXE - (based on System Watch), but Application Control just says AXB.exe at that time frame, but I'm assuming it's the same? When KIS alerted me to a suspicious application trying to install, I did not know what to do other than block it. I'm hoping that it's ok to have blocked it, & noticed that the other applications prior to that was allowed automatically by KIS based on looking at the application control, until that last one AXB.EXE.
  7. So do I need to allow the application that I blocked? From what I can see in system Watch it looks like it has something to do with Verizon.
  8. Using KIS 2010 & Windows XP home Serv pk 3 I was online browsing Kaspersky forum on desktop PC, other household member getting ready to use IPOD touch, when all of a sudden yellow alert from KIS on My desktop PC - something about suspicious application. I don't do well with pop ups, and it gave me the option to block it, which I did...without actually seeing what it was unfortunately. I had noticed that the computer was acting rather slow for a few minutes before this). All green on Front KIS page, but I checked KIS Application Control in Detailed Report to see what it was that I blocked. It looks like some other parts of this application were being placed in trusted file automatically by KIS, and as I cut-off the modem after this alert, I also answered deny on the part that KIS gave me a pop up for. (Didn't know what else to do). Nothing was being installed by either of us, other member in the house was just getting on their IPOD touch while I was already logged online on this computer , and I don't know what this was. What is it? And is the other stuff that KIS allowed in the application control area ok? Please see Screen shot - Started at 8:35 p.m. line item . The one that got blocked by me was AXB.exe, which is what I'm assuming I blocked when I chose that option with the pop-up alert. Thanks.
  9. They are asking you to widen the columns in what you see on your detected screen. See where each column heading is at the top? Take your mouse to the column heading edge & stretch the column heading out by pulling it to the right with your mouse. --- Do this by holding down the mouse button and moving the column to the right as you hold. You'll see a double sided arrow as you hold & pull the column heading to the right. (So you're stretching out the columns to make them wider - thus revealing the info in there). By doing that, you reveal what is in each column in its entireity, and can then post your screenshot with the info revealed in the columns. Hope that helps.
  10. I was hoping for explanation of what was doing that - but... ok thanks
  11. No, I was referring to the detected counts total at the right side of the radar screen -- not the high number that is constantly counting on the radar screen itself of scanned files.. That I know about, thank you though. My Screenshot was the 1st one on the thread for this shows: Threats detected total is what I'm talking about --- Threats Detected: 90 Before the Windows update/reboot the top number said Threats Detected: 49 The others listed below (virus/trojan/adware counts all stayed the same as before, and nothing new happened on those), but the total at the top now says 90, and not 49. Trying to find out why it went from 49 to 90 after the Windows update/reboot, when nothing else changed and no detections listed, no active or quarantined threats and all green.
  12. Yes, all green, and I figured fine, but was curious why the count total went up after the Windows update. Thanks.
  13. I've had to turn off anti-banner each time I need to contact someone on Ebay due to this myself in order to see the scrambled letters/numbers (Capcha code). I Turn it back on after I send message to them. Annoying but it worked for me!
  14. There's nothing new isted anywhere, just the top count total on the front page radar screen total went up after windows update/reboot. Nothing in active threats, nothing new listed on these tabs at all.
  15. Nothing to screen shot - active threats empty. Nothing in quarrantine. Count was 49 this morning before windows update/reboot, now 90 as top total. All other counts on previous detections taken care of stayed same.
  16. Just noticed something after Windows Update installed new updates this morning. After reboot my KIS Radar Screen count Threats Detected went up by about 41 more in total, - nothing listed in active threats. Just curious.
  17. Hi, I'm leaving the settings at default, but thank you for your message. Just curious though, why if I have automatic, wouldn't the delete suspicious objects be deleted within that default of automatic, rather than ticked "not to delete suspicious objects." I guess since you might not want something deleted, like if you were installing something, but again...don't understand this enough. I'm Leaving the defaults in place - just don't like to have to decide what to do with the things that KIS has already stopped. Trying to get more knowledge on what to do when they take place. Printed out some manual pages and checking those.
  18. Hello, yes it has been checked. Made sure of that. But I was reading the online manual, and noticed that I do have something that shows it's ticked - "Do not Delete Suspicious Objects" is ticked. (screenshot below) I've never changed the defaults. Just wondering if it would be better for me to have KIS delete suspicious objects upon automatic detection - or should it be best to leave as is? If something cannot be disinfected, that's when I've gotten the alert and pop up asking do I want to delete? I've always chosen yes, as the recommended action, but was wondering why if I had it in automatic mode it asks me this, rather than deleting. After checking settings, I saw that option in settings was checked to not delete, and was curious if that's why. Just trying to get a better idea of how this all works, so I don't panic when it happens again! Thanks!
  19. I have a general question - using KIS 2010 - Using Win XP serv pk 3 - Home Computer I upgraded from KIS7 about 9 months ago, and like it so far. When I installed KIS 2010 I instadled with the recommended automatic installation, and not interactive mode. Just curious - When KIS trojan alerts notify me of a trojan (in the past that you all have helped me with), a Red pop up has come up. KIS protection screen goes red, with computer at risk and fix it button. The alert pop up has had disinfect I believe greyed out that it could not be done at times, and delete as recommended action. I choose delete, everything goes to green - all is well. Then I come on the board and ask about it. And thank you for that. I guess I'm trying to understand - I had initially thought automatic mode was where KIS takes care of the invader, with no action from me. Thanks
  20. Thank you. Of all things as I was waiting to hear back our whole neighborhood had the power go out! I'm anticipating the rootkitscan to run in about 5 minutes, now that the power is back up & computer on. If the rootkitscan triggers this again, just need to know what to do until the udates are done. They might be done now for all I know. Thank you!
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