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  1. Hi there is it possible to change from KSOS to Kaspersky Cloud also with the costumers license? I have a costumer that are on KSOS right now. We need to trasfere them to Kaspersky Cloud it it is possible how can we do that?
  2. Hi there, Any one in here that have try Microsoft Docker and Kaspersky. We can see that it hold Docker. I can't make an excutebel file on this one because it has what I can sse up to 5 entries Is there a solution? Look forward to hear from some one that have seen that before and maybe have an solution
  3. Well I have taken the step along with my costumer and move all of them from KSOS to Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. I think this must be the end off story.
  4. Thank you very must have a nice day and weekend
  5. Ok - https://herait-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/keld_herait_dk/EcFRzx3TxHVOit2-EzwT2vgBqfcq4czQ0udspn1NJhhDhg?e=fgs56A
  6. I'm not allowed to upload the file because it is to big Are there another way to do it The file is 4.41MB
  7. Hi In my service I can see that Kaspersky Endpoint Security Service is not started. I have tried to start it but it comes with this error. The service Kaspersky Endpoint Service on local computer couldn't start. Error: 1053 Service didn't respond to start I'm using Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows ( How can I resolve this
  8. I have activat a new periode licens. I have all my pc in KSOS 5 and here to night at 23.59 it didn't move to the new licens periode - Is there something I miss in KSOS 5
  9. But my old licens work very well - no problem at all The new licens is for KSWS10 and my server is Windows Server 2012 Standard x64 What can do to solve this issue ?
  10. Hi Nikolay, Well I have some upload you maybe can see You can see my error
  11. Hi there, What can I use to protect my SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 ?
  12. Hi, I have solved by my self. The solution is: in the certificat you must NOT have a space between the names in hole the form
  13. Hi there I got this error - APNSCertUploadFailure: EncodedCert content received NULL during the certificate file upload or certificate completion. Probably file is empty or was rejected since of too large size. I have tried to delete all and start all over again but with same result. I have tried change the name and the password for this certificat. I have tried not setting any password at all What went wrong?
  14. Hi Dimitry, Yes I will come back to you on Monday with the OS on and it's build and what role it is assigned for as a server
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