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  1. Dear Kas Community Support I have noticed today that I my Kaspersky Password Manager on my PC is not logging in with my password, but my phones Kaspersky Password Manager does login with the password I have for my account. I have just noticed that my Total Kaspersky will not update the either. I have been having some other issues in the last month. My Windows and Java hasn't been updating for the past month and I uninstalled the Java to clean install and it hasn't been able to install since. Today I also noticed that I no longer have any space on my 1TB SSD, like something has been filling up my SSD. Why would I be able to login on my phone but not on my PC?
  2. Всем привет. Имеется последняя версия KSC(+Web)+KES для бизнеса. После развёртывания не могу победить защиту от веб-угроз. При включении блокируются все обращения на 443 и 80. Почитал форум, нашёл добавление в исключения, но добавлять каждый сайт в WL выглядит очень не радужно. После отключения всё работает без нареканий. Кто то сталкивался с подобным? ЗЫ смотрел другие компоненты параллельно, ничего не блокирует, только защита от веб угроз.
  3. Собственно проблема в названии темы https://librewolf.net/installation/windows/ По ссылке выше можно скачать либо портэйбл версии, либо exe и в обоих случаях не фильтрует трафик Как это исправить?
  4. Hello, As of version, I am experiencing some issues that were not present about three (3) weeks ago. 1) I have contacted Support, but they need traces. I explained that I am uncomfortable to send them, since they may contain personal info and memory dumps. The issues are reproducible on other systems, so I don't think that the issues are specific for my machine and I prefer for the issues to be resolved without sending traces. I am sure that many clients may be reluctant to send them, especially clients that have compliance audits. 2) Since the latest version, when KIS was enabled, I could not connect/use the Phone Link (Your Phone) and Microsoft Store apps. Also, my sister reported the same issue for one of her gaming apps (not sure which. Also, she is using the DEFAULT settings, even though I am using the maximum-security settings). As of four (4) days ago, the connectivity issues were resolved for Phone Link (Your Phone) and Microsoft Store on their own, but now the same issue manifested for the Feedback Hub app. 3) The connection to my Wi-Fi printer was lost when I had the computer running for 3-4 days continuously. The issue used to resolve temporarily after a restart. I am not sure if this was caused by KIS. But, this issue has now also resolved itself! 4) The Clean up function of Manage applications (Main KIS Window -> More Tools -> Manage applications -> Application Control -> Manage applications) no longer works. Upon clicking on the Clean up button, it says that the list is up-to-date and the uninstalled/missing applications are not removed from the list. 5) The online help documentation shows clearly how to create exceptions for programs and desktop applications, but, how do I make exceptions for Microsoft Store apps (packaged)? 6) I am a longtime customer of Kaspersky (10+years) and Kaspersky VPN and I find it quite unfair that my KIS is considered equivalent to Kaspersky Standard. As a KIS customer, I find that, more-or-less, the features that my current KIS provides are the same as the ones that Kaspersky Premium provides, with the exception of the unlimited VPN (which I have already purchased, anyway). I suggest that, for the migration to the new subscription, KIS customers be provided with the Premium subscription but without the unlimited VPN, to be FAIR. Thanks in advance!
  5. Olá, eu gostaria de saber se o kaspersky premium possui uma ferramenta de detecção de rootkits.
  6. Hi Kaspersky users i was wonder which settings in any protection module should i adjust to get most protection but also most performance of Kaspersky so it make my pc mostly protected and mostly pc performance while Kaspersky use low pc resources
  7. Hello, I've recently discovered &SysReset and found a csrss.exe file in it, right under the "Scratch" folder. It seems to have been last modified in 2019 and another computer, which I also reset, also has a csrss.exe file, but that file was last modified in 2021 (before I reset it). I'm somewhat suspicious of this file considering, from my knowledge, csrss.exe should only exist in Sys32, though, I've scanned my computer numerous times with Kaspersky and a different 2nd opinion scanner (HitmanPro). Neither of them detect anything wrong. The file has valid digital signatures. The main reason why I'm so concerned is because my computer did have a malware infection. Though, I performed a PC reset via Windows and thought that was it. I'm adding the VirusTotal link for it: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8ebf4096d28a78e8ab36e5084784acc90464eb4a74d972c942f147ea59e5134b/community
  8. Купила лицензию в AltSoft 8 февраля 2023 года Здравствуйте, Наталья! Благодарим за оплату заказа № ALLSOFT-53586346. Продукт: Kaspersky Internet Security -, Продление лицензии на 1 год для защиты 2 устройств Для активации продукта используйте код: , находясь в Уругвае. Пытаюсь запустить, пишет, что запуск из страны приобретения (приобрела в Уругвае)
  10. Всем доброго времени суток. Я пользовался этим прекрасным антивирусом около 10 лет и неделю назад обнаружил одну очень неприятную "особенность", заставившую меня, к сожалению, отказаться от него - ему обязательно требуется установленная в папке "C:\Program Files (x86)" платформа .NET Framework 4.8. Так в чем же проблема, спросите вы? А в том, что я программист и мне нужен .NET Core 7 (SDK + Runtime), а Kaspersky Free нужен только .NET Framework 4.8. Если на ПК установлен .NET Framework 4.8, то IDE не видит .NET Core 7, а если удалить .NET Framework 4.8, то Kaspersky Free перестанет запускаться. При попытке повторной установки .NET Framework 4.8 установщик говорит, что на моем ПК установлена более новая версия (.NET Core 7, очевидно) и не дает сделать это. Утилита ".NET Fix Repair Tool" проблему не решила, а сделала только хуже (сломала .NET Core 7 и не установила .NET Framework 4.8). Спасибо за потраченные время и нервы, уважаемая команда разработчиков Kaspersky! Надеюсь когда-нибудь вы перейдете на современные технологии.
  11. I am running Kaspersky Total Security v on windows 10 (x64 build 19045) and windows 7, and the browser extension on both computers slowing down and sometimes making un-responsive each and everyone of my browsers, Edge, Chrome, FF, all browsers are at the latest as of 2023-05-12. On my Asus TUF windows 10, I can hear all the fans kick in when the browser starts hanging, I have verified that it is browser extension since disabling or removing the KS extension, will solve the problem, I have also on windows 10, completely uninstalled Kaspersky (VS and Extension) and reinstalled it and still have the same issue, I am not sure if this has to do with a KS update (exe or virus database) or some sort of windows update!! Please advise.
  12. go version go1.20.5 windows/amd64 OS Name Майкрософт Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045 Исходник: package main import ( "errors" "fmt" ) func main() { text := "Тест!" fmt.Printf("test = %s, %T\n", text, text) var x error = errors.New("Ошибка") fmt.Printf("x = %v, %T\n", x, x) fmt.Printf("px = %T\n", &x) // если, закомментировать, то каспер не ругается var y float64 fmt.Printf("y = %v, %T\n", y, y) var z complex64 = 1 - 2i fmt.Printf("z = %v, %T\n", z, z) } Результат проверки в OpenTip: https://opentip.kaspersky.com/DD0F5A938AD86F18E4F706AC8AC703E13A01C338E05E4E0868347DE4EC4D4DBC/results?tab=upload Выгрузка из отчета: Сегодня, 16.06.2023 22:42:37;;Задача завершена;Задача завершена;;;;;;;;;;xxx\yyy;Активный пользователь Сегодня, 16.06.2023 22:42:37;D:\Projects\go\study\study.exe;Удалено;Объект удален;VHO:Trojan.Win64.Convagent.gen;;Файл;D:\Projects\go\study;study.exe;Удалено;Троянская программа;Высокая;Эвристический анализ;xxx\yyy;Активный пользователь Сегодня, 16.06.2023 22:42:37;D:\Projects\go\study\study.exe;Создана резервная копия;Создана резервная копия объекта;VHO:Trojan.Win64.Convagent.gen;;Файл;D:\Projects\go\study;study.exe;Создана резервная копия;Троянская программа;Высокая;Эвристический анализ;xxx\yyy;Активный пользователь Сегодня, 16.06.2023 22:41:42;D:\Projects\go\study\study.exe;Не обработано;Лечение невозможно;VHO:Trojan.Win64.Convagent.gen;Отложено;Файл;D:\Projects\go\study;study.exe;Не обработано;Троянская программа;Высокая;Эвристический анализ;xxx\yyy;Активный пользователь Сегодня, 16.06.2023 22:41:42;D:\Projects\go\study\study.exe;Обнаружено;Обнаружен вредоносный объект;VHO:Trojan.Win64.Convagent.gen;Облачная защита;Файл;D:\Projects\go\study;study.exe;Обнаружено;Троянская программа;Высокая;Эвристический анализ;xxx\yyy;Активный пользователь Сегодня, 16.06.2023 22:41:42;;Задача запущена;Задача запущена;;;;;;;;;;xxx\yyy;Активный пользователь
  13. Hi, In common with many other users online, my Windows 10 PC constantly runs Microsoft Software Protection Service Platform (sppsvc.exe) in the background. This often consumes high levels of CPU, Memory and Power and it's probably this that causes my laptop fan run at maximum speed. The opinion online is that the two (sppsvc.exe and KTS) are in conflict. I've found ways to permanently disable sppsvc but I wonder if it's safe to do so? Does anyone know if Kaspersky Total Security performs the same function as sppsvc.exe so they are not both necessary? Any words of wisdom? Thanks OS is Windows 10 build 19045 Kaspersky is (k)
  14. My Kaspersky Password Manager (KPM) extension was suddenly work incorrectly although it was normal yesterday. This morning, I can't unlock my KPM extension on my Google Chrome though I typed correct master password. I tried to unlock my KPM PC app using that master password and it was fine, but the KPM extension still was not unlocked. I also reinstalled the extension but nothing changed. What's happening with me? Could you suggest me some ways to fix that? Thank you very much!
  15. I am writing to bring to your attention a recent issue I have encountered with my antivirus software and there is unknow plug in/virus. A few days ago, I noticed that my antivirus software was unable to scan a specific file. This raised concerns about the effectiveness of the software and its ability to detect potential threats. I have taken the necessary steps to ensure that my antivirus software is up to date, but I am still experiencing occasional difficulties after scanned. Furthermore, I have observed that certain videos are watch from system base on my YouTube history, but I dont.
  16. Dear Team, Previously, the active period of Kaspersky Total Security was active for 2 years but today it changed to 9 days remaining and it says the activation code is blocked. And the activation code matches the email I received for a period of 2 years. Please advise about this matter as soon as possible.
  17. How do I stop Kaspersky Premium from requiring a Google sign in every time I open a new window in Chrome?
  18. ?️ Según Bing, Kaspersky Free es gratis por toda la vida, pero al entrar a mi cuenta dice que acaba el 14/01/2024, al contrario de malwarebytes free, ¿La versión gratis de karsperky Free es solo un periodo de prueba largo de la edición standard?, no entiendo muy bien esto. ?️ Al iniciar la computadora comienza con un analisis en segundo plano, el cual junto al proceso System provoca que mi disco duro este al 100% Mi HDD es de Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200RPM, que según crystaldisk, esta en buen estado, Bing me recomienda que baje la prioridad del proceso de Karsperky, que no reduce su eficacia en protección en tiempo real, pero prefiero verificarlo con ustedes jeje. ?️ La mayoría son en un juego de Steam, Counter Strike GO, indicandome que estan dañados y luego otro con un archivo PDF que esta sin procesar ¿Que significa esto?, ¿Tienen algún problema? ?️ Se activa y desactiva aunque lo tenga activado en las opciones.
  19. Visual Studio 2019 ile C# çalışması yapıyorum,Çalışmamı bitirip debug yapıp uygulamayı çalıştırdığım zaman kaspersky kafayı yiyor uygulamada trojan var diyerek uygulamayı siliyor, dosya konumundaki herşeyi siliyor kısacası uygulamamamın çalışmasına izin vermiyor. Bunu düzeltmenin yolu nedir yardımcı olabilir misiniz?
  20. После установки Касперский блочит клавиатуру и мышь, перепробовал все способы, которые написаны на вашем форуме, но проблема таолько решилась путем переустановке windows 10. Вот не знаю есть ли смысл еще раз устанавливать ваш продукт ?
  21. попробовал все способы из статей касперского ничего не помогло, пишет что нет прав а папке
  22. Я скачал касперски, чтобы проверить ноутбук на вирусы, так как он начал тормозить в последнее время. Проверка не обнаружила вирусов, я решил посмотреть еще функции в касперском и увидел "Поиск небезопасных настроек". После нажатия виндовс выдал ошибкупотом полетели ошибки, связанные с таскбаром. Диспетчер задач не открывается. Я решил скачать kavremvr, чтобы удалить этот "хороший" антивирус. Проводник пару минут грузил и выдал следующие ошибки: (нет, я не вставил случайно 2 одинаковых ошибки, он выдал мне три таких). Помогите решить проблемы. Восстановление просто не работает.
  23. earlier in the morning I use public wifi because I were in public area; and it wenr smoothly without a problem, and later on the afternoon when I went back home connecting to my own wifi; I can't seems to accees and always ended up with ERR_CONNECTION_RESET (as seen as screenshot below), I tried troubleshoot the connnection but seems no to fail; even tho I can use other browser such as Chrome just fine. and then I tried to exit KTS and it fix the problem (screenshot below). Is there away I can revert this issue? thanks in advance
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